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Boku to Sekai no Euclid


Boku to Sekai no EuclidSafe / Tame (14)
Boku to Sekai no Euclid
Play timeShort (5h33m from 1 votes)


The time I lived is dead, a sweet and gentle world
Will you live there, remain there, or disappear there?

Sagaminami City, a huge academic city in a certain region.
In the center of the city is a huge school facility, "Sagaminami Sogo Gakuen''
Nayuta Tachibana is an ordinary student who attends Sagaminami Sogo Gakuen.
He lived a serious student life, having fun and working hard on his studies.
Yet, for some reason, he found himself in a situation where he didn't have enough credits to advance to the next grade!!
If things continue like this, I will definitely repeat the year... Just when he is in trouble, she gets a flyer for a mysterious seminar that promises to give him credits.
"Come to my seminar! Seize the world of hope! What you want is here (units, etc.☆彡)"

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Japanese (2)
2015-08-28AllBoku to Sekai no Euclid
2019-07-25Boku to Sekai no Euclid


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Tachibana NayutaProtagonist
        Voiced by Tamaru Atsushi
        Dr. ShiyouMain character
        Eddie B. GeniusMain character
        Voiced by Saiga Mitsuki
        Dr. SOSMain character
        Voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta
        Akari MafuyuMain character

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