12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~

12歳。 ~ほんとのキモチ~

12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~
Title12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~
Original title12歳。 ~ほんとのキモチ~
DeveloperHappinet Games
Publishers Happinet Games
Same series
12-sai. ~Koi suru Diary~
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Based on the manga by Nao Maita. It depicts the everyday life of Ayase Hanabi, a 12-year-old in the peak of puberty, and her views on school, friendship and love.


2014-12-18All ages  12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~ Package EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial1 Cartridge  
2014-12-18All ages  12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~ Download EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercialInternet download  


Character summary

Protagonist Aoi Yui
Voiced by Kimura Juri
Protagonist Ayase Hanabi
Voiced by Kakuma Ai
Protagonist Yamada Haruka
Main character Hiyama Kazuma
Voiced by Iguchi Yuuichi
Main character Kiriya Isamu
Voiced by Yamashita Daiki
Main character Takao Yuuto
Voiced by Saitou Souma
Side character Asano Makoto
Voiced by Kanbara Daichi
Side character Class President
Side character Eiko
Voiced by Watanabe Takumi
Side character Hamana Kokoa
Voiced by Hara Sayuri
Side character Mikami Inaba
Voiced by Tamaru Atsushi
Side character Ogura Marin
Side character Tsutsumi Ayumu

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