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Evergreen Avenue


TitleEvergreen Avenue
Original titleエバーグリーン・アベニュー
DeveloperVridge Inc.
PublishersDatam Polystar & GungHo Works


In a huge mansion live a gentle boy and an ambitious poor girl who won't be discouraged by her circumstances.
You can choose between these two contrasting characters to interact with the various individual spirits in this raising simulation game.
Man and woman, two girls, and two guys combinations are possible, but there are no love developments, to the end it stays a game about friendship.

[Translated from Girl Game Wiki]


Japanese (2)
2001-09-13Evergreen Avenue
2010-08-2512+Evergreen Avenue - PSN Edition


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Voiced by Arishima Moyu
        AshMain character
        Voiced by Sasajima Kahoru
        FayMain character
        Voiced by Inoue Fumiko
        FlashMain character
        Voiced by Suzuki Takayuki
        IluminaMain character
        Voiced by Mannaka Yukiko
        LucielMain character
        Voiced by Miura Hiroaki
        MerilMain character
        Voiced by Nishiguchi Yuka
        PiaMain character
        Voiced by Ichimura Oma

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