Original titleエラン
Publishers Visco & HAMSTER Corporation


A plan to migrate humanity to the planet "Elan" is created, the Elan Project.
In order to select suitable people to join the project many boys and girls with great mental ability are gathered in the research city Alpha.
The protagonist is one of the best candidates, and while acquiring training they interact with the other candidates.

While conversing with the other candidates there aren't just the usual conversation options. It is also possible to choose Happy/Normal/Sad/Mad emotional type responses.

[Translated from Girl Game Wiki]

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Hair, Grey, Long
Eyes, Grey
Body, Teen
Clothes, Hair Ribbon, Uniform
Personality, Genius, Optimist, Watashi
Role, Nameable


17 years old.
A normal and optimistic kid who was raised lovingly by her parents.
In some way she's a genius, but she doesn't put much thought into that herself.
She's excellent at anything she does, one of the top candidates of the project.

Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Grey
Body, Teen
Clothes, Uniform
Personality, Genius, Optimist
Role, Nameable


17 years old.
A normal and optimistic kid who was raised lovingly by his parents.
In some way he's a genius, but he doesn't put much thought into that himself.
He's excellent at anything he does, one of the top candidates of the project.

Main characters

Amaneアマネ B
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm, Weight: 47kg
Birthday30 March
Hair, Red, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Kid, Short
Clothes, Beanie, Short Shorts, Uniform
Personality, Cheerful, Honest, Kind, Opposite Gender Voiced, Selfish, Stubborn
Engages in, Gardening
Voiced byTakayama Minami


14 years old.
Star Sign: Aries
Skill: Technical
Strong Point: His cheerful, honest, kindness.
Weak Point: His selfish and stubborn side.
Hobby: Gardening
Special Skill: Messing with Machines
Likes: Omelette Rice, Pudding
Dislikes: Red Bean Paste

A cheerful and kind boy that is loved by everyone, but he can be a little selfish.
He admires manly men, but he's just a kid that hates to be alone.
He's naturally nimble and has been surrounded by machines since he was young so he's good with mechanical stuff.

Eijiエイジ O
MeasurementsHeight: 171cm, Weight: 61kg
Birthday15 August
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Teen
Clothes, Headband, Uniform
Personality, Curious, Energetic, Hotblooded
Role, Half-orphan, Pet Owner
Engages in, Athletics
Voiced bySeki Tomokazu


17 years old.
Star Sign: Leo
Skill: Strength
Strong Point: His bright curious spirit.
Weak Point: He can't be calm.
Hobby: Moving his body
Special Skill: To be able to fall asleep instantly and not wake up easily.
Likes: Kenchin Soup, Stew, 'Justice, Friendship, Effort'
Dislikes: Standing Still

An energetic and hotblooded guy. He loves his pet dog 'Musashi'.
He has no hidden sides and is popular with everyone. He's great at track and field too.
He seems like a simple, overly curious, and frivolous person, so the fact that he hangs out with Nao is a little unexpected.

Kairiカイリ O
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Weight: 66kg
Birthday3 February
Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, Uniform
Personality, Loner, Stoic
Role, Scientist
Voiced byChiba Susumu


18 years old.
Star Sign: Aquarius
Skill: Intellect
Strong Point: His concentration ability and intellectual curiosity.
Weak Point: He's not very social and is apathetic to those around him.
Hobby: Research
Special Skill: Collecting Data
Likes: Tasty Food
Dislikes: Unpleasant Food

A guy who keeps to himself and gives no cares about others, but he can be scarily concentrated on the things he cares about.
He's the youngest winner of a scientific prize relating to bacteriology.

Kanameカナメ O
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 46kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-60-88cm
Birthday2 May
Hair, Brown, Long
Eyes, Brown
Body, Teen
Clothes, Uniform
Personality, Cheerful, Honest, Naive
Role, Cousin
Voiced byHanba Tomoe


16 years old.
Star Sign: Taurus
Skill: Stamina
Strong Point: She's simple, cheerful, and honest.
Weak Point: She doesn't think deeply about things.
Hobby: Cooking (?)
Special Skill: Poor Sense of Direction
Likes: Fried Rice, Cookies
Dislikes: Green Onions

Nao's cousin, they've been friendly since they were kids.
She's the very picture of a simple girl, she's cheerful and good at depending on others.
She doesn't think deeply about things and so doesn't hate other people or be hated. Her spends her days happily, but somehow she feels unsatisfied.

Narusawa Kazuya
Narusawa Kazuyaナルサワ カズヤ A
MeasurementsHeight: 188cm, Weight: 80kg
Birthday25 August
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Uniform
Personality, Serious, Strict, Stubborn
Role, Teacher
Voiced byMiki Shin'ichirou


27 years old.
Star Sign: Virgo
Strong Point: He's serious and helpful.
Weak Point: He can be stubborn.
Hobby: Work
Special Skill: Aikido (He's a Black Belt)
Likes: Fish, 'With Fortitude and Vigor'
Dislikes: Sweets

A manager at Alpha, he's like a teacher to all the candidates.
He has a great sense of responsibility and he's used to looking after people because he had to take care of his two younger brothers a lot.
He can be strict to people, but that's only because he's thinking of them.
He has an unusually strong sense of justice, but it can become annoying at times.

Natsunoナツノ A
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm, Weight: 51kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 89-61-90cm
Birthday21 July
Hair, Blue, Short
Eyes, Teal
Body, Teen
Clothes, Uniform
Subject of, Prosthesis
Voiced byKurosaki Ayako


19 years old.
Star Sign: Cancer
Skill: Operation
Strong Point: She's the firm big-sister type that takes the Elan project more serious than anybody else.
Weak Point: She can be a bit scatterbrained.
Hobby: Collecting Gloves
Special Skill: Piloting 'Workers'
Likes: Japanese Food, "Doing a good thing everyday."
Dislikes: Nothing

The embodiment of a big sister type. A bright and cheerful person that you can't hate.
She has a little sister so she's especially kind to those younger than her.
But she is very strict towards herself.
She lost her right hand in an accident and now has an artificial one.

Reiレイ A
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm, Weight: 72kg
Birthday9 December
Hair, Green, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Jumpsuit
Role, Half-orphan
Voiced byIwata Mitsuo


25 years old.
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Strong Point: Doing things at his own pace.
Weak Point: He's irresponsible.
Hobby: Napping
Special Skill: Being able to fall asleep in 3 seconds.
Likes: Simple to eat things, Having unexpected good luck
Dislikes: Lightly Seasoned Food

A lazy and moody person, he gives off an aimless impression.
He has a lot of pride for his work, but he doesn't like to do simple odd jobs.
He's extremely picky about the jobs he does.

Rikoリコ AB
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 47kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 83-58-85cm
Birthday1 September
Hair, Blond, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, Uniform
Personality, Arrogant, Hardworker, Overconfident, Strict
Role, Ojousama, Violinist
Voiced byKingetsu Mami


17 years old.
Star Sign: Virgo
Skill: Judgement
Strong Point: She's a hard worker who is strict with herself.
Weak Point: She's selfish and overconfident.
Hobby: Music Appreciation
Special Skill: Playing Violin
Likes: Chocolate, Meat
Dislikes: Carrots

She's domineering and overconfident, but that goes along with actual competence.
She still has times where she doesn't know what to say though.
She was born into a high class family so she's very prideful, she doesn't think there are people in the world better than her.
For some reason she's afraid of letting things deep into her heart.

Sakaki Yuri
Sakaki Yuriサカキ ユリ O
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm, Weight: 56kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 92-62-93cm
Birthday21 November
Hair, Brown, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Uniform
Voiced byItou Miki


27 years old.
Star Sign: Scorpio
Strong Point: Her calm personality and strictness with herself.
Weak Point: She can be a little clumsy.
Hobby: Collecting Lipstick
Special Skill: Processing Communications
Likes: Pasta
Dislikes: Chicken Skin

A manager at Alpha.
She's known Narusawa for a long time, but their relationship is a mystery.
On first impression, she seems like a calm and adult lady.
She's kind to the candidates and good at talking care of them.
She has that motherly side, but she can also act cool and collected.
She has professional pride when it comes to her job of managing communications.

MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 75kg
Birthday1 January
Hair, Short, Violet
Eyes, Violet
Body, Older Appearance, Short
Clothes, Uniform
Role, Robot
Subject of, Amnesia
Voiced byHoshi Souichirou


1 year old.
Star Sign: Capricorn
Strong Point: He's obedient.
Weak Point: He's a little too obedient.
Hobby: No Data
Special Skill: No Data
Likes: Helping People
Dislikes: Nothing

A newly created android with no real memories.
He gives off a calm impression and it's hard to guess what he's thinking.
He doesn't show much change in emotion but that is slowly changing.

Tomoeトモエ A
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Weight: 40kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 78-56-79cm
Birthday26 February
Hair, Bob Cut, Orange, Short
Eyes, Amber
Body, Teen
Clothes, Headband, Uniform
Personality, Honest, Kind, Shy
Role, Orphan
Voiced byKawasumi Ayako


15 years old.
Star Sign: Pisces
Skill: Intuition
Strong Point: Her honest kindness.
Weak Point: She's shy and a little withdrawn.
Hobby: Reading, Cooking
Special Skill: Handicrafts
Likes: Lightly Flavored Food, Soba, "Never put off tomorrow what you can do today."
Dislikes: Raw Food

She was raised in a controlled way by her grandparents, so she isn't used to dealing with other people. She puts on a face of being a 'good girl' and is afraid to show her true self.
She's really sensitive and loves reading.
By being friends with Nao she is slowly starting to open up to people more.

Youヨウ AB
MeasurementsHeight: 185cm, Weight: 78kg
Birthday1 June
Hair, Red, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Red
Body, Tall, Teen
Clothes, Uniform
Personality, Womanizer
Subject of, Flirting, Human Subject Research
Voiced byIshida Akira


19 years old.
Star Sign: Gemini
Skill: Muscle
Strong Point: He has a gentle disposition and gets along with people well.
Weak Point: He doesn't have much perseverance and easily gives up on things.
Hobby: Flirting
Special Skill: Flirting
Likes: Beef Stew, 'Tomorrow will take care of itself'
Dislikes: All Seafood

He loves cute girls and is everybody's friend, but he doesn't like getting too deeply involved with people and doesn't talk much about himself. But he's happy that way.
He has great potential strength, and even though he doesn't act out front his name is well known.