Ohime-sama Dakko ~Tenshi ni Oshioki~


Ohime-sama Dakko ~Tenshi ni Oshioki~
TitleOhime-sama Dakko ~Tenshi ni Oshioki~
Original titleお姫さまだっこ~天使にオシオキ~
DeveloperHadashi Shoujo
Publishers Hadashi Shoujo


There were two very beautiful princesses in a certain kingdom. Suddenly a mischievous witch placed a curse on them. Kind summoned his most powerful magician to try and lift the curse. To amateur eyes the magical ceremony would look like violation of princesses. And so the day of the ceremony has come. Will princess recover and live happily?

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2001-09-0718+  Ohime-sama Dakko ~Tenshi ni Oshioki~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


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