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Sengoku Hime 6 ~Tenka Kakusei, Shingetsu no Kirameki~

戦極姫6 ~天下覚醒、新月の煌き~

TitleSengoku Hime 6 ~Tenka Kakusei, Shingetsu no Kirameki~
Original title戦極姫6 ~天下覚醒、新月の煌き~
DeveloperGesen 18
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Shops» JP¥ 12980 @ DLsite
» JP¥ 4022 @ DLsite (patch)
» JP¥ 4022 @ DLsite (patch)
» JP¥ 5120 @ DLsite
» JP¥ 7168 @ DLsite


This is the latest game in Gesen18’s Sengokuhime SLG series. Oda Nobunaga headed to the capital to fight against the Azai and Asakura clans. Houjou Ujiyasu planned to take down the forces led by the Yamanouchi Uesugi clan and claim all of Kantou. Takeda Shingen decided to exile his father Nobutora and take over control of the Takeda clan for himself. Masamune Date set forth to unite the Hokuriku region which had grown increasingly discordant. These famous warriors, along with other clan heads, were supported by two men: the wise strategist Amagi Souma, and the master swordsman Sakaki Tsukasa.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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