Summer In Trigue

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TitleSummer In Trigue
DeveloperWinter Wolves
Publishers Winter Wolves




Hair, Blond, Long
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Earrings, Glasses


The protagonist of Summer in Trigue, Sybil is a young woman with a very particular view about fate. Back when she was a child, Sybil often noticed a lot of strange coincidences occurring in her life. Her friends told her it might be fate or destiny, but Sybil didn’t believe such things actually existed… not at first that is. Now that she is an adult, Sybil has become convinced that Fate with a capital F does exist, and that it hates her guts.

Or, at the very least, she feels it enjoys playing oftentimes cruel jokes and tricks on her, as shown by the fact that the “strange coincidences” have continued to occur with alarming frequency throughout her life, and have often been unpleasant and oddly specific. Sybil has developed a strong sense of determination and perseverance by weathering all the stuff Fate has thrown at her. No matter how many times life beats her down, she gets back up, usually a bit stronger, and perhaps a tad bit more paranoid as well.

Sybil can sometimes be impulsive and rash, as experience has shown her that all the best planning in the world sometimes doesn’t matter, and she wonders if doing something spontaneous sometimes makes it harder to Fate to mess with her. She has a very morbid sense of humor and a moderately active imagination, and sometimes indulges both when people piss her off too much. But she is very much a good person at heart, just someone with a few quirks.

Before her arrival in Trigue, Sybil was quite happy with her life, as she had a stable if boring job, a loving girlfriend, and a nice apartment. Those were enough for her, plus she was very much looking forward to her and her girlfriend’s planned two week romantic vacation in Trigue. After her arrival in Trigue, with Fate having reared its ugly head again, Sybil is initially sad and angry and alone. But she is hopeful that maybe she’ll catch a break for a bit, and the vacation will go smoothly and give her time to recover.

Sadly, she has no way of knowing she doesn’t star in “Two Weeks in Trigue”…

Main characters

Hair, Red
Eyes, Green
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Personality, Absentminded, Confident, Outgoing
Role, Singer


Alex is a cheerful young singer from Trigue. She started singing while a very young child and kept at it, initially simply because she enjoyed it so much. It was only after much practice that she discovered she had an innate talent for it as well. She later partnered with a friend of hers who was a skilled song writer, and with his help she is now able to make a decent living off of her voice. She spends a fair amount of time singing in bars and clubs, and really enjoys the more personal atmosphere of singing in such places.

Alex is very confident in her abilities, her looks, and herself in general, though she is not particularly arrogant. She simply feels that people should properly recognize their own talents, and that when someone denies the abilities they have been clearly blessed with, it is very depressing and sometimes even a bit insulting. So she like to dress sexily and is never shy about pointing out what she feels are the strong points of others.

Alex likes kids a lot. Despite her fondness for them she doesn’t actually have much of a desire to ever have a child of her own one day, but she really enjoys spending time mentoring or tutoring other people’s kids. She wants to be an inspiration to others, and usually succeeds at that fairly well, though sometimes some embarrassing and unfortunate aspects of her past crop up. And sometimes she still acts against her better judgment and causes complications for herself.

Alex is playful, and can be a bit absent minded and forgetful at times. This, combined with some impulsiveness, has occasionally gotten her into trouble and often earns her some teasing from her friends. When spending time with her friends, Alex enjoys puzzles and games, but in general just loves to be with them regardless of what they’re doing. If she is with some friends who are having a good time, Alex will be having a good time as well.

Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Amber
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Headband
Personality, Reserved, Shy
Role, Bartender, Gamer, Waitstaff
Engages in, Reading


A young woman who was born in and raised in California, Grace had a fairly sheltered life due to her somewhat overprotective parents and the fact that she was homeschooled since kindergarten. When the chance to do some seasonal work in Trigue alongside a friend came to her, she took it, partially to do something a bit daring and force herself to grow, and partially to get a reprieve from her parents’ hints about how much they’d just love some grandchildren.

She has an introverted nature and struggles somewhat with social anxiety, but despite this, balances part-time jobs as both a waitress and a bartender. She far prefers the latter job, and has found an unexpected talent for mixing drinks, a previously unrealized love of booze, and a penchant for sensing people’s moods have all helped her excel at it. Her high level of patience has helped her with both jobs.

Grace is a huge fan of fiction and loves anything that can tell a good story, but she is especially found of novels, anime, and video games. Though she lives on a beautiful tropical island, her idea of a great evening is usually unwinding in her apartment after a stressful day at work with a drink and a good book. Or relaxing on the beach… with a drink and a good book.

Grace’s friend and roommate who was forced to return to the US a few weeks ago, which has left Grace very much alone. This doesn’t bother Grace most of the time, though occasionally she does feel very lonely. Still, her life is far more exciting than back home, and ironically enough also far more peaceful without her parents and friends trying to set her up with a boyfriend, so she doesn’t have too many complaints.

Hair, Brown, Ponytail
Body, Tattoo, Young-adult
Personality, Bookworm, Cynic, Funny, Nature Lover, Outgoing
Engages in, Athletics, Reading, Swimming


Mia is an outgoing and athletic woman who works in Trigue as a tourist guide and instructor for several activities. This is much to Mia’s liking, for though the work can be tiring, it allows her to constantly experience the beautiful sites that can be found in Trigue. Mia loves the outdoors and is especially found of scuba diving, and so she is super happy to have been born and raised on an island like Trigue.

She also likes living in Trigue because the island’s name lends itself to puns. Mia is a huge pun lover, and enjoys making her friends groan with them. Her overall sense of humor is a bit dark, and she often jokes about how her job lets her know the perfect places to hide a body. At least most people assume she’s joking. She is pretty frightening when angry though…

Mia loves spending time in nature, but she has other hobbies. She is a fan of books, particularly those that have dark and disturbing stories with a hint of optimism. She also really enjoys watching terrible movies and laughing at them, especially if friends and alcohol are involved. And she has an interest in art, especially tattoos, and though her own skill at drawing is pretty basic she is interested in learning more.

Mia’s work with tourists often has had her interacting with stressed out couples and families, and so she has seen how ugly things can get between the people closest to each other. Her own personal experiences with both romance and family have also been complicated, and they have left her a bit jaded and cynical. But she doesn’t let that color her interactions with people, and tries to remain friendly and pleasant most of the time.

Hair, Black, Waist Length+
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Baseball Cap
Personality, Competitive, Nature Lover, Outgoing
Role, Gamer, Multilingual
Engages in, Cooking, Photography, Sarcasm


Shiori is a Japanese woman in her mid twenties, and someone who has had a rather interesting life. Though much of those “interesting” parts involves things in her youth that she’d prefer never happened, her current life is very much to her liking. Thanks to a fairly large inheritance and some success in her photography career, she is able to indulge in her hobbies and travel frequently. And her most recent travels have taken her to Trigue for an extended stay.

Shiori can be a bit sarcastic and blunt at times. She is fluent in Japanese, English, and French, and takes great pleasure in the fact that she knows insults and curses in multiple languages. Indeed, she specifically learned just the insults and curses of seven additional languages. She is quick to speak her mind when provoked and has no qualms with being incredibly harsh when she feels it is deserved, but she is also usually willing to forgive and give someone a second chance. Or even a third chance, or a forth chance. This willingness to forgive has gotten her in trouble before, but she still tries to practice it.

She is very competitive, and loves playing games against other people. She favors video games for this, but also loves card games and board games. Regardless of format, such games sometimes give her a chance to try out her many foreign curse words. Another interest of hers is food and cooking, but since she is a fairly skilled cook, this one does not
result in her trying out new curse words. Well, not usually.

Shiori is very found of animals, though her frequent travel interferes with her ability to have pets. She especially likes birds, and finds crows and ravens in particular to be beautiful, intelligent creatures that she feels have an undeserved bad reputation. Part of her reason for going to Trigue is she hoped to observe a species of crow native to the island.