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Cambrian QTS ~Kaseki ni Nattemo~

カンブリアンQTS ~化石になっても~

カンブリアンQTS ~化石になっても~
Cambrian QTS ~Kaseki ni Nattemo~
PublishersGlobal A Entertainment


Cambrian QTS - Kaseki ni Nattemo is an adventure game that is about a strange female creatures that were extincted long ago that are discovered by chance in the South Pacific last year, the females were successfully commercialize as pets with the name of Cambrian QTS. The new specie grow into an aquarium filled with special seawater, as they grow hatched from an egg.

During the day the player can talk to various people in the town, the school, or home. Knowledge and sometimes get training items for his QTS, but also to gather information in preparation for the training mode communication whe he returns to his room. The other part of the game is about raising the QT.

The game features japanese voice acting for all the characters and an unlockable gallery that will be avaliable once the game is completed.

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2003-12-11Cambrian QTS ~Kaseki ni Nattemo~


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