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Closed Game

TitleClosed Game
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersEmpress & AiCherry
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The ultimate disparity is the reality that encloses this planet... the Earth.
The difference between wealth and poverty has become always bigger and it's a long time that the natural resources have dried up.
On the Earth that has turned into ruins, people who, looking up to the sky, can only ask for a blessing, were overflowing.
They can pray all the time they want, but there's no way anybody will come to aid them. That is the truth of a world where God has ceased to be.

But in this world, there are people who can aid them taking the place of God.
"Caelum Urbs", the pure white heavenly body floating in the sky.
It is the celestial world to which has been given the name "City of the sky". Its inhabitants are called "Heaven's people".

Caelum Urbs, different from the Earth, comes into possession of everything.
And thanks to the developments in the medical science, people who have ceased to have the general idea of death live there.

People living on the Earth want to live upon the sky and those people having as object of worship the people that live in the celestial world unanimously say:
"From the sky will come down a chance ..."

...A chance.
Among the people who talk about the celestial world, there is a common talk they speak about as if it were true.
In other words, those people who participate in the game called "Closed GAME" that takes place in Caelum Urbs, and as a prize for surviving, they can become Heaven's people ...

Even today, the people of the Earth are waiting. They are waiting for that chance falling down from the sky.

[Translated from Getchu]

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Japanese (7)
2015-05-2318+Closed Game - Trial Edition
2015-06-2618+Closed Game - First Press Limited Edition
2015-09-1818+Closed Game - Download Edition
2016-10-2718+Closed Game - Blu-ray Game
2016-10-2718+Closed Game - DVDPG
2016-12-2218+Sei Shoujo Collection Box "P/A" "Closed Game"
2020-06-0818+SLEEPLESS ~Marie's Endless Body Pillow, and more!~
English (2)
2021-05-2718+Closed Game - Download Edition
202118+Closed Game - Physical Limited Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Tougo MagnaatenProtagonist
Celicia LockhartMain character
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko
Celine VerxinaMain character
Voiced by Ocarina
Cocona StemperMain character
Voiced by Tairagi March
Lacey MalletMain character
Voiced by Kitano Ari
Marielle ClemensMain character
Voiced by Himari
Michiko VerxinaMain character
Voiced by Nakano Shino
George MitchellSide character
Voiced by No☆boru
Rubber Man ASide character
Rubber WomanSide character

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Closed Game - Download Edition

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