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Aru Hi no Fuukei EX


TitleAru Hi no Fuukei EX
Original titleある日の風景EX
DeveloperKidnap Company
PublishersKidnap Company
Shares characters
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Azusa & Chihaya are C rank idols who perform as a duo "URGENT". Main character is their producer. After shooting a special program about hot springs for local TV the cast stays at the inn for the night. Chihaya crawls into protagonist's room and asks for a kiss. What should he do?

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Japanese (2)
2006-12-3118+Aru Hi no Fuukei EX - Package Edition
2008-08-3118+Aru Hi no Fuukei EX - Download Edition


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        Kisaragi ChihayaMain character
        Miura AzusaMain character

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