Moteasobing ~Moteasobaretai~


TitleMoteasobing ~Moteasobaretai~
Original title弄ing~もてあそばれたい~
Aliases弄ing(もてあそばれたい), Rouing ~Moteasobaretai~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Yamikumo-Communications
Shares characters
Suzuri-sensei to 26-ko no Ecchi na Oppai


A mistake put Nagase Izumi, a boy and the protagonist of the story, to the girls dormitory. Head of the dormitory, Ayame, acknowledged her mistake and decided to let him live there. She even made a move on him and they had sex right there.

But on the next day, she gave him a videotape of them having sex; which was edited to make it look like Izumi raped Ayame. As it turned out, Ayame had a hobby of peeping on her tenants and there were secret cameras in every room of the dormitory.
In return for not spreading videotape all over, Ayame told Izumi to have sex with the tenants and sexually train them, including her own daughter.

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