Mechiku - Ikenie SC


TitleMechiku - Ikenie SC
Original title女畜・聖贄(めちく・いけにえ)SC
Publishers Dennou Club
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[DB-ANN] Mechiku (OVA, 1999)


The inter-office sexual politics begin when Ono, a college graduate and recent recruit, is assigned to the "busiest" section in the company. While Ono's not afraid of a little hard work, he is not about to let it interfere with his sex life. Ono is still confident that he can handle the toughest job and his girlfriend at the same time. While Rie, his frisky girlfriend from the administration department, remains supportive of his new promotion, it's only a matter of time before jealousy rears its ugly head. Ono's new female manager, Sugiyama, is respected and admired for her management skills and her voluptuous body. Ono assures Rei that he has no interest in his middle-aged workaholic boss. However, when the work piles up tensions explode.

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2003-07-0318+  Mechiku - Ikenie SCFully voicedStory: All scenes fully animatedEro: All scenes fully animatedNon-freeCommercial1 DVD

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