Ya・Ku・So・Ku ☆ Love Harem


TitleYa・Ku・So・Ku ☆ Love Harem
Original titleヤ・ク・ソ・ク☆ラブハーレム


Touma is very close to his imouto Nobara and osananajimis Kasumi and Yuriko. Even though all three had feelings for him, their relationships never progressed any further than friends. Each of them made a ‘promise’ with him when they were small. While the ‘promises’ varied slightly, in the end, they were all wishes to “be together forever”. If Touma chose one of them as his girlfriend, then it will ruin relationship with the others. So, their relationships remain at a standstill.

Then another girl Iris appeared into this complicated situation, claiming to have made a promise to marry him. She was very forceful in her approach, while being oblivious of the others. This was the spark for the rest of the girls to take matters into their own hands. Touma realizes that he loves all four of them equally. Is there a way for him to make all their ‘promises’ come true without hurting anyone? Will this love story end happily for everyone?

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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