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v16858.122019-09-18 at 15:54robertkOuka SabakiSubstitute two of the Japanese screenshots for equivalents from the English and Chinese versions.
v16858.112019-05-05 at 09:10shinnewOuka SabakiCast. link
v16858.102017-03-16 at 06:13varioOuka Sabakistaff (source: link)
v16858.92017-03-11 at 15:58harleyquinOuka SabakiScreenshots. I honestly have no idea why it's in 1280x724. I changed DPI back to 100% and followed all the instructions yet the resolution comes out
v16858.82017-03-11 at 07:48harleyquinOuka SabakiLength. (H-scenes largely skipped, voice acting heard, trial sequences done to 100% completion, all side routes)
v16858.72017-03-01 at 19:44weilaiOuka Sabaki..
v16858.62017-02-26 at 21:24wakaranaiOuka Sabakicast
v16858.52017-02-02 at 08:17weilaiOuka Sabaki..
v16858.42016-09-28 at 00:16coronaOuka Sabakicover
v16858.32016-01-10 at 06:32nananaOuka Sabaki..
v16858.22015-03-22 at 19:16insanityyOuka Sabaki(temporary) cover
v16858.12015-02-21 at 07:57earthwormOuka Sabakinew vn