Reijuu - Twin Road

麗獣 ツインロード

Reijuu - Twin Road
TitleReijuu - Twin Road
Original title麗獣 ツインロード
DeveloperApple Pie
Publishers Apple Pie
 Tan Ton Nerw Information Co...


The town of Jester is located near a spring, which is used both by humans from the town and the beast people from their forest village. For years, the two races co-existed in peace. But one day, somebody sets the Jester tavern on fire. The authorities arrest a young beast girl who happened to be in the town at that time. Outraged by the injustice, a young orphan boy named Kein, who was raised by Tyrone, one of the town knights, convinces him to help the girl escape. But that act draws the ire of the town authorities, and the heroes realize that they have to flee...

[from MobyGames]

RPG 3.0 Fantasy 2.0


1996-01-1918+  Reijuu - Twin RoadNon-freeCommercial5 Floppies
199618+  Li ShouNon-freeCommercial


Character summary

Main character Ashia
Main character Baatsu
Main character Bagotto
Main character Esutie
Main characterFuonii
Main character Ikusasu
Main character Kein
Main character Minnie
Main character Moubin Kyou
Main character Osutaan
Main characterRaiga
Main character Reimi
Main character Remiira
Main characterRioso
Main character Shiriru
Main character Tasotaso
Main character Tyrone
Main characterZashuri

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