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Ever17 -the out of infinity-

Ever17 -the out of infinity-
Ever17 -out of infinity-
Shikong Lunhui
Shiguang de Jiban
AliasesEver 17, Ebaa Sebuntiin, エバー・セブンティーン, E17
Play timeLong (35h from 95 votes)
DeveloperKID & Regista
PublishersKID & Success & CyberFront & DMM & MAGES. GAME & WinKiller Studio
Yule Tong & CyberFront & gjy_tube
Hirameki International & WinKiller Studio & anonl & Rokumei City
WinKiller Studio & SanLtd Team & anonl & VaYurik
07th Inquisition & Proyectos Misumi
CTH Translations
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[unofficial] Ever17 CrossOver Impression

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Ever17 is the tale of seven individuals who become trapped 51 meters below the surface in the underwater marine theme park 'LeMU'. After an incident, almost half of LeMU becomes flooded, and the path to the surface and the communication lines are cut off. In addition, LeMU is under constant assault by severe water pressure, limiting time to find a means of escape to 119 hours. Escape is not the only concern, however; many questions arise as to the legitimacy of the accident and whether or not those trapped there were brought there for a purpose.

[From Wikipedia]

Confinement 3.0 One True EndS 2.9 Multiple Route Mystery 2.8 ADV 2.8 Amnesia 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 ReunionS 2.8 No Sexual Content 2.8 Multiple Protagonists 2.8 Mystery 2.7 Identity CrisisS 2.7 Unlockable Routes 2.7 AI HeroineS 2.7 Breaking the Fourth WallS 2.7 Immortal HeroineS 2.7 Multiple Endings 2.7 Underwater 2.7 More Than Seven Endings 2.6 ESPS 2.6 Fictional Island Near Futuristic Japan 2.6 Blind Choices 2.6 Energetic Heroine 2.6 Health IssuesS 2.6 Protagonist with a Face 2.5 Secret IdentityS 2.5 Early Branching Plot 2.5 Bad Endings with StoryS 2.5 Unlockable Event 2.5 Unlockable Hero(ine) 2.5 Genetic ResearchS 2.5 Protagonist's Twin as a HeroineS 2.4 Amusement Park 2.4 SuspenseS 2.4 Passage of TimeS 2.4 Clone HeroineS 2.4 Enforced Playing Order 2.4 Ending List 2.4 Protagonist Selection 2.4 Fear of Death 2.4 Protagonist with a Sprite 2.3 Protagonist's Blood-related Sister as a HeroineS 2.3 Life and Death Drama 2.3 MetafictionS 2.3 Brief NVL Scenes 2.3 Drama 2.3 Date Display 2.3 Player as a CharacterS 2.3 Classic Tsundere Heroine 2.2 Time TravelS 2.2 Protagonist with Partial Voice ActingS 2.2 Bad Ending(s) 2.2 Hard Science Fiction 2.2 Normal Scene Recollection 2.1 Stranded 2.1 Romance 2.1 Student Heroine 2.1 Hacker HeroineS 2.1 Biological WeaponS 2.0 Amnesiac Protagonist 2.0 Chosen Choices Marking 2.0 Deity ProtagonistS 2.0 Different Love Interest(s) Per Protagonist 2.0 Multi-Selection Choices 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Playtime Counter 2.0 Restart from Chapter Index 2.0 Survival Focus 2.0 Unlockable Bonus Content 2.0 Unlockable Choices 2.0 Unlockable EpilogueS 2.0 CorporationsS 1.9 Memory AlterationS 1.9 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 1.9 Tomboy Heroine 1.9 HackingS 1.8 Alternate DimensionsS 1.8 DisappearanceS 1.8 Off Screen Sex OnlyS 1.8 Infodumping 1.7 Dying HeroineS 1.7 Protagonist's Blood-related Mother as a HeroineS 1.7 Future Earth 1.7 High School Student Heroine 1.7 Immortal HeroS 1.7 Twin Sisters as HeroinesS 1.7 Desperation 1.6 Loli Heroine 1.6 Childhood PromiseS 1.5 Has Window Transparency Setting 1.5 Mid-game Videos 1.5 Slice of Life 1.4 Coodere Heroine 1.4 Comedy 1.3 Nakige 1.1 Adult Protagonist 1.0 Branching Plot 1.0 Choices with 4 or More OptionsS 1.0 Fake ChoicesS 1.0 Forced Auto-Read SectionsS 1.0 Immortal ProtagonistS 1.0 Puzzle GameS 1.0 Sexual InnuendoS 0.9 Philosophy 0.9 Multiple Common Routes 0.8 Child AbuseS 0.7 Mind ScrewS 0.5 Animals 0.4 Alternate Starting Point 0.3 SubmarineS 0.0


Japanese (27)
2002-08-2815+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Web Trial Edition
2002-08-2915+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
2002-08-2915+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- First Press Limited Edition
2002-08-2915+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Regular Edition
2003-05-1615+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
2003-11-2715+Ever17 -the out of infinity- PREMIUM EDITION
2003-11-2715+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition
2004-10-2815+SuperLite 2000 Ren'ai Adventure - Ever17 ~The Out of Infinity~ Premium Edition
2004-11-1115+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition (DreKore)
2005-06-1715+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition (DVD Edition)
2007-08-18Ever17 ~ PS2 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2008-04-0415+Infinity Plus
2008-09-1915+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (Ren'ai Game Selection)
2008-10-0915+Infinity Plus
2008-10-2315+Ren'ai Game Selection - Ever17 ~The Out of Infinity~ Premium Edition
2009-03-1215+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition - Limited Edition
2009-03-1215+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition - Regular Edition
2009-08-1315+Infinity Plus Portable
2010-08-2615+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Premium Edition - Best Edition
201115+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Download Edition
2012-07-05Ever17 ~ XBOX360 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2012-12-21Infinity Selection
2012-12-21Infinity Selection - Download Edition
2013-01-2312+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
2013-02-0712+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
2014-05-3015+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Download Edition
TBAInfinity Series Remake
Chinese (traditional) (1)
2003-1215+Shiguang de Jiban
Chinese (simplified) (4)
2004-06-2815+Shikong Lunhui
2012-05-05Ever17 (unofficial)
2012-09-08Ever17 (unofficial)
2017-09-2012+Shikong Lunhui
English (9)
2005-0713+Ever17 - Trial Edition
2005-12-2013+Ever 17 - Out of Infinity
2007-08-18Ever17 ~ PS2 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2009-12-26Ever17 ~ Voice +SFX patch (unofficial patch)
2011-01-2413+Ever17 - typo fix patch (unofficial patch)
2011-05-2713+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial)
2012-07-05Ever17 ~ XBOX360 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2017-05-0115+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (beta) (unofficial patch)
2018-11-08Ever17 - Himmel Edition (unofficial patch)
Russian (8)
2007-03-28Out of Infinity (unofficial machine translation)
2007-08-18Ever17 ~ PS2 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2008-09-0115+Ever17 ~Pobeg iz Beskonechnosti~ Specvypusk (unofficial patch)
2009-12-26Ever17 ~ Voice +SFX patch (unofficial patch)
2011-05-2713+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial)
2012-07-05Ever17 ~ XBOX360 BGM patch (unofficial patch)
2014-04-10Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial)
2017-07-20Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial)
German (1)
2011-09-2015+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Trial (unofficial patch)
Vietnamese (1)
2013-02-1513+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial patch)
Spanish (1)
2017-05-0115+Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- (unofficial patch)
Korean (1)
2022-11-19Ever17 -the out of infinity- (unofficial patch)
Italian (1)
TBAAllEver17 -The Out of Infinity- Demo Italiana (unofficial patch)


Original edition
Hirameki International's translation
              Rokumei City's translation (based on Hirameki International's translation) (unofficial)
              • Staff
              • AexisGraphics
              • ArsymGraphics, Reverse engineering

              Full character list

              Character summary

              Yagami CocoMain character
              Komachi TsugumiMain character
              Voiced by Asakawa Yuu
              Matsunaga SaraMain character
              Voiced by Ueda Kana
              Voiced by Shitaya Noriko
              Akanegasaki SoraMain character
              Voiced by Kasahara Hiroko
              PipiSide character

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              7298 votes total, average 8.48 (very good)
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              Popularity: ranked #15 with a score of 55.25

              Bayesian rating: ranked #25 with a rating of 8.46


              Ever 17 - Out of Infinity

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              Infinity Plus

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              Ever17 ~Pobeg iz Beskonechnosti~ Specvypusk

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