Kara no Shoujo 3


Kara no Shoujo 3

TitleKara no Shoujo 3
Original title天ノ少女
AliasesAma no Shoujo
DeveloperInnocent Grey
Publishers Innocent Grey
Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode


「*Stars sparkling in the night sky *
*Flow, leaving a trail *
Almost reachable, but not quite
Stars in the distance」

The creator of 「Kara no Shoujo」, Mamiya Shinzou gives out his last breath.
Heart failure without a cause.
But it became a trigger for another incident.
Corpses looking as the angel in Mamiya Shinzou's unpublished work 「Divine Punishment」, are being discovered one after another.
Masaki Tomoyuki's former colleague is one of the victims.

Two Paintings.
Without saying anything, the girl in the painting
kept talking, in a voice that could not reach.

Makoto can't come with us, because he had done bad things.
But still... I think Toko wants to see him.
Because she was a lonely person.
Don't forget.
The blue bird of happiness will be reborn any number of times.
The blue crow that passess through heaven will sweep down once again.

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