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v17038.462022-05-12 at 08:59AojamanPRIMAL×HEARTS2This 3 screenshot is from sera fan disc
v17038.452022-05-04 at 09:00Marc402PRIMAL×HEARTS2alias
v17038.442022-04-11 at 12:21Marc402PRIMAL×HEARTS2Removed unlinked release screenshots, the release was moved to another vn entry. The screenshots aren't showing up anymore but still affecting the ss
v17038.432022-04-05 at 14:17NiniusPRIMAL×HEARTS2tits
v17038.422022-03-05 at 14:55Mario3573Primal x Hearts 2en name
v17038.412021-09-17 at 08:37YorhelPrimal x Hearts 2fix screenshot release
v17038.402021-09-16 at 20:12multiPrimal x Hearts 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v32227.1
v17038.392021-08-06 at 05:22multiPrimal x Hearts 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v14887.34
v17038.382021-04-05 at 20:05MrkewPrimal x Hearts 2+1 staff
v17038.372020-05-09 at 09:43foiegrasPrimal x Hearts 2Add Wikidata ID
v17038.362019-09-01 at 01:01printerdesuPrimal x Hearts 2SS
v17038.352019-05-05 at 08:40ShinnewPrimal x Hearts 2That's unlikely to be the same person.
v17038.342017-06-16 at 20:32remedilPrimal x Hearts 2Screens added
v17038.332017-03-25 at 23:34traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2staff
v17038.322017-03-02 at 14:24beliarPrimal x Hearts 2relation
v17038.312017-02-18 at 17:58varioPrimal x Hearts 2staff (source: link)
v17038.302017-01-22 at 15:04multiPrimal x Hearts 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v20622.6
v17038.292016-09-21 at 15:39varioPrimal x Hearts 2+1
v17038.282016-04-29 at 23:08weilaiPrimal x Hearts 2..
v17038.272016-04-29 at 03:14weilaiPrimal x Hearts 2..
v17038.262016-03-17 at 06:47chipp12Primal x Hearts 2link
v17038.252016-01-07 at 16:27slv76Primal x Hearts 2Add 3 pic
v17038.242016-01-07 at 15:06slv76Primal x Hearts 2Original cover
v17038.232016-01-05 at 19:34nutellafanPrimal x Hearts 2Edited VA credit due to deletion of s346 to merge with s48.
v17038.222015-11-15 at 21:52realitymakerPrimal x Hearts 2Imported VAs.
v17038.212015-11-05 at 19:07wakaranaiPrimal x Hearts 2Reverted to revision v17038.19 as per d2#5 "If one game 1 is listed to have a relation with game 2, and game 2 has a relation with game 3, then game
v17038.202015-11-05 at 19:04leonnePrimal x Hearts 2same location
v17038.192015-11-04 at 06:37weilaiPrimal x Hearts 2..
v17038.182015-11-02 at 08:23z411-mainPrimal x Hearts 2Adding official short alias
v17038.172015-11-01 at 23:30weilaiPrimal x Hearts 2..
v17038.162015-11-01 at 08:26takumi75Primal x Hearts 2add
v17038.152015-10-25 at 12:48traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2alias fix
v17038.142015-10-10 at 11:29traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2+1
v17038.132015-10-04 at 05:22nananaPrimal x Hearts 2staff + cast
v17038.122015-10-01 at 12:54weilaiPrimal x Hearts 2..
v17038.112015-09-11 at 20:46traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2+3
v17038.102015-06-21 at 17:17traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2alias fix
v17038.92015-05-22 at 23:12praxisPrimal x Hearts 2seiyuu..
v17038.82015-05-15 at 18:03traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2capitalization
v17038.72015-05-15 at 15:57nananaPrimal x Hearts 2desc
v17038.62015-05-02 at 13:24traumatizerPrimal x Hearts 2+2
v17038.52015-04-03 at 16:52ds1150Primal x Hearts 2cover
v17038.42015-03-22 at 08:40nananaPrimal x Hearts 2since it has completely new character, maybe same setting? cmiiw
v17038.32015-03-19 at 17:35ds1150Primal x Hearts 2temp image
v17038.22015-03-18 at 19:25ds1150Primal x Hearts 2staff
v17038.12015-03-18 at 19:22ds1150Primal x Hearts 2new, unsure yet about relation