Aliasesアノニマス・コード, アノコ
Developer5pb. Games
Publishers 5pb. Games
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The game takes place in 2037.

The story starts on February 6, 2036, when an accident involving computers going berserk destroys many large cities around the world. The massive disaster is named the "2036 Problem", but there's a prediction that there will be a similar incident in 2038. So a group of scientists use the Gaia Supercomputer to create an "Earth Simulator" to prevent it from happening, but fail because human birth potential has dropped dramatically.

The scientists then introduce the "Arecibo Message" formula to the Earth Simulator, successfully bringing mankind into another world. They are excited at first, until they realize that human beings in the Earth Simulator themselves created another Earth Simulator. The scientists begin to suspect that they are actually only the product of an Earth Simulator from creatures whose position is above them.

The story centers around Takaoka Pollon, a hacker who has the ability to "Save and Load" like in a video game. Using his Hacking Trigger System, he can intervene with the world line around him.


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TBA  Anonymous;Code - Regular EditionNon-freeCommercial  
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Character summary

Protagonist Takaoka Pollon
Voiced by Chiba Shouya
Main character Aizaki Momo
Main character Yumikawa Cross
Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu
Side character David Jesue
Side character Horihisa Hent
Side character Hosho Nonoka
Voiced by Kino Hina
Side character Kurashina Bambi
Voiced by Yamamoto Ayano
Side character Kyogoku Iroha
Voiced by Honda Mariko
Side character Ozutani Tengen
Voiced by Fujiwara Keiji
Side character Rosario Rossallini
Side character Saionji Juno
Side character Samezu Rion
Voiced by Ueda Youji
Side character Sawai Riko
Voiced by Yashima Sarara
Side character Soga Asuma

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