Bishoujo JK Idol Kasumi wa 100-mannin no O-na-ho

美少女JKアイドル香澄は 100万人のオ・ナ・ホ

TitleBishoujo JK Idol Kasumi wa 100-mannin no O-na-ho
Original title美少女JKアイドル香澄は 100万人のオ・ナ・ホ
AliasesPretty JK Idol Kasumi Is The O-NA-HO For 1 Million People
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine


Jun's boss gave him an ultimatum: create a fuckable hole that can be sold 1,000,000 times or he's fired.
It seemed impossible until his eyes fell on the popular high schooler who was now appearing on TV, and a idea came:
"What if I could somehow make a real stroke toy out of her..."

Can Jun make history with a real, regenerating virginal teenage pussy?

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