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Soushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~

操心術 外伝 ~綾河博士のHENTAI事件簿~

TitleSoushinjutsu Gaiden ~Ayakawa Hakase no Hentai Jikenbo~
Original title操心術 外伝 ~綾河博士のHENTAI事件簿~
DeveloperStudio Jaren
PublishersStudio Jaren & Studio Jaren Megaera
Same series
Soushinjutsu Möbius
Shops» JP¥ 7124 @ DLsite


The main character, Hajime, has a somewhat uneventful life, until he catch the eye of Haruki Ayakawa, another student, a bit on the crazy side, that will throw him in the world of mind-controlling.
Unless he makes a wrong choice that bring him back to a boring life, he will go further and further in this world.