Gyakuten Kenji


Gyakuten Kenji
TitleGyakuten Kenji
Original title逆転検事
AliasesTurnabout Prosecutor, GK, AAI, 逆轉檢事
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Capcom
 Nizhuan ACE
 Capcom & Nintendo
 Ace Attorney Spain
Parent story
Gyakuten Saiban 3
Gyakuten Kenji 2
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Gyakuten Kenji is a spinoff game starring prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and detective Dick Gumshoe. The investigation portions are presented using a third-person camera view. The game takes place before and after the events of Trials and Tribulations.


Mitsurugi Reiji
Mitsurugi Reiji御剣 怜侍 
AliasesMiles Edgeworth, Benjamin Hunter
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Hair, Black, Curtained, Grey, Parted in Middle, Short
Eyes, Grey
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Cravat, Suit
Personality, Cold-hearted, Confident, Genius, Serious, Strict, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Civil Servant, Lawyer, Non-blood-related Brother, Non-blood-related Son, Older Brother, Orphan, Prisoner, Rival
Subject of, Confinement
Voiced byIwamoto Tatsurou


The young "genius" prosecutor of the DA's office, and Phoenix's main rival in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Miles Edgeworth began his career as a prosecutor at the young age of 20, and in the four years since has maintained a perfect record of guilty verdicts. Seen as a snob, his condescending nature and relentless prosecution (along with rumors of evidence and witness tampering) have earned him the name "Demon Prosecutor." He despises criminal behavior, and will do anything to get lawbreakers behind bars. And look stylish doing it.

[From Court Records]

Main characters

Ichijou Mikumo
Ichijou Mikumo一条 美雲 
AliasesKay Faraday
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm
Hair, Black
Eyes, Green
Clothes, Boots, Gloves, Scarf, Skirt, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Role, Daughter, Thief
Engages in, Investigation


Kay Faraday is the second Yatagarasu, a self-proclaimed "Great Thief" who "steals" the truth. She assisted Miles Edgeworth during his investigations into an international smuggling ring, as well as helping during another incident over a week later.

[From Ace Attorney Wiki]

Itonokogiri Keisuke
Itonokogiri Keisuke糸鋸 圭介 
AliasesDick Gumshoe, Dick Tektiv
MeasurementsHeight: 182cm
Hair, Black, No Bangs, Short, Spiky, Stubble
Eyes, Brown
Body, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Coat, Necktie, Shirt, Trousers
Personality, Airhead, Hardworker, Honorable, Jibun, Serious
Role, Detective
Engages in, Investigation, Teasing


Detective Dick Gumshoe is the only detective currently employed that Phoenix has any contact with. Though well meaning, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Gumshoe takes great pride in his work, and also in his "strong bond of trust" with the prosecutor's office. He's usually cheerful, is hardworking, and eager to please. But he also takes his job seriously, which causes conflict when he wants to help both sides of the case. Can sometimes be easily discouraged.

[From Court Records]

Karuma Mei
Karuma Mei狩魔 冥 
AliasesFranziska von Karma
MeasurementsHeight: 162cm
Hair, Blue, Grey, Parted to Side, Short, Straight
Eyes, Blue, Grey
Body, Average Height, Mole, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Ankle Boots, Blouse, Body Ribbon, Brooch, Cravat, Gloves, High Heels, Pantyhose, Skirt, Vest
Items, Whip
Personality, Arrogant, Assertive, Cold-hearted, Competitive, Genius, Perfectionist, Serious, Sly, Stubborn, Watashi
Role, Civil Servant, Daughter, Lawyer, Non-blood-related Sister, Rival, Younger Sister
Subject of, Assault, Hospitalization, Injury


Franziska von Karma is the daughter of the prosecutor Manfred von Karma and a formidable prosecuting attorney in her own right. She likes referring to others as "fools" (and variations thereof) and is known to carry a whip (a riding crop when she was younger) with her at all times, which she will often use on almost everybody she meets (although nearly all of her victims are male) with very little provocation.

Franziska von Karma is very much like her father in court; arrogant, but also unrelenting and cold, going to extreme lengths to get a guilty verdict. She likes to use her whip to assert her dominance over other people, including those who are supposed to be her superiors. One notable difference from her father is her greater tendency to lose her cool, which is similar to Edgeworth.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Franziska von Karma learned of her father's loss to defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his subsequent conviction for the murder of Gregory Edgeworth. She also learned of Miles Edgeworth's losses to Wright and his subsequent disappearance. Franziska traveled to Los Angeles to face Wright in court; if she won, she would have beaten a lawyer that Edgeworth could not, getting her revenge for being "left behind".

Franziska believed that perfection was the only option she had. She had to be a "genius" prosecutor, although she knew that she was not really capable of the genius her father had displayed. She viewed trials and investigations as competitions, and considered defense attorneys her enemies. Thus, when she began to lose to Phoenix Wright, she lost what she believed was the meaning of her life. When Edgeworth began to talk about the meaninglessness of win records, she resisted the idea at first, but she eventually began to understand, after which she discarded her identity as a genius living under her father's shadow.

In Gyakuten Kenji, Franziska went on to assist Interpol in its investigation of an international smuggling ring.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Rou Shiryuu
Rou Shiryuu狼 士龍 
AliasesShi-Long Lang, Shifu Lang
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Sunglasses
Personality, Smart
Role, Rival
Engages in, Investigation


Shi-Long Lang is an elite investigator who has the highest successful arrest rate out of all Interpol agents. He is known for mass investigation tactics using a large team of 100 subordinates.

[From Ace Attorney Wiki]

MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Hair, Bob Cut, White
Eyes, Red
Body, Average Height, Pale
Clothes, Collar, Evening Gloves, Strapless Dress, Sunglasses
Personality, Smart, Stoic
Role, Antagonist, Criminal, Secretary, Secret Identity
Engages in, Investigation


Shih-na was an Interpol agent acting as a secretary for Shi-Long Lang. Shih-na was Lang's closest subordinate, usually following him in his investigations and fetching various documents for him, though occasionally she would take over part of an investigation if the area to be combed over warranted such an arrangement.

[From Ace Attorney Wiki]

Side characters

Amanogawa Hikaru
Amanogawa Hikaru天野川 光 
AliasesLance Amano
MeasurementsHeight: 169cm
Hair, Brown, Parted to Side, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Puffy Sleeves, Shirt, Trousers, Vest
Personality, Refined, Spoiled, Stoic, Womanizer
Role, Boyfriend, Criminal, Son, Wealthy
Engages in, Betrayal, Justifiable Homicide
Subject of, Kidnapping


Lance Amano is the son of Ernest Amano and the victim of a kidnapping.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Lance was born to Ernest Amano, the CEO of the Amano Group. In his early years, he met and befriended Lauren Paups, the daughter of an employee of the Amano Group. When Lance was 11 years old, his father's company came under criminal investigation due to an alleged connection to the KG-8 Incident. This investigation resulted in the arrest of one of the employees, Colin Devorae. Later, the Amano family hired a butler named Oliver Deacon. However, Lance came to learn that Deacon was actually Colin Devorae, who had escaped from Penn E. Dent Prison and had come to work for the Amanos in order to look after his daughter Lauren.

Ten years after the KG-8 Incident, Lance ran into financial trouble, incurring a large debt to Tender Lender, a loan company headed by the sinister Viola Cadaverini. To solve his money problems, he planned a fake kidnapping of himself for his father's money with Paups, who would do whatever he asked of her. Additionally, Lance threatened to reveal Devorae's secret, blackmailing him into helping him as well. During the staged kidnapping, Ernest arranged for Miles Edgeworth, a family friend, to deliver a $1 million ransom to the haunted house in Gatewater Land. The "kidnappers" disguised themselves in the theme park's Badger costumes; Devorae as the Bad Badger, Paups as the Blue Badger, and Lance as the Proto Badger. However, Devorae suddenly attacked Lance with a gun, forcing Lance to shoot him dead.

Lance became desperate and decided to pin the death on Paups. As Edgeworth was leaving the house, Lance knocked him unconscious with a prop sword and took him to the Wild, Wild West area of the park. There, Lance placed a Bad Badger head over Edgeworth's head, in order to disguise him as Oliver Deacon to Paups. Lance explained that Deacon had tried to betray them, so Lance had been forced to tie him up. Lance gave Paups a gun for protection, though unbeknownst to her, the gun was only a prop. Later, Lance told Paups that Deacon had escaped and was heading for the stadium. He then got into a Bad Badger costume to disguise himself as Deacon, and caught up to Paups at the stadium. Paups panicked and "shot" the Bad Badger, then escaped from the area.

Some time later, an Interpol contingent arrived to investigate the kidnapping, and Edgeworth managed to escape. During the investigation, Lance reappeared in in the stadium, claiming to have escaped his captors. Although Lance tried to frame Paups for the murder, and his father tried to cover for him, Edgeworth eventually figured him out and he was taken away after being named as Colin Devorae's killer.

Though a spoiled young man, Lance normally came across as quite reserved and soft-spoken, and would often wear a blank expression on his face. According to his father, Lance was quite popular with women. However, he was prone to taking drastic measures to protect himself from trouble. He tried to solve his financial problems by extorting his own father through a faked kidnapping, and the killing of Colin Devorae made him desperate enough to betray his girlfriend to the police. Lance would often act as if he were weak and defenseless in an attempt to make himself seem like a victim. Once he was revealed to be the killer, however, he began crying like a little child.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Amanogawa Jouichirou
Amanogawa Jouichirou天野川 丈一郎 
AliasesErnest Amano
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Hair, Bald, Grey, Moustache
Eyes, Kitsuneme
Body, Adult, Average Height, Overweight
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Flip-flops, Kimono
Personality, Pacifist, Relaxed
Role, Criminal, Executive, Father, Wealthy


Ernest Amano is the owner of the Amano Group and father of the kidnapped Lance Amano. Ernest is a laid-back man who cares deeply for his son. When confronted, he often attempts to pacify the other person. Ernest seems quite proud of his wealth, keeping a number of dollar bills tucked into his waistband. Ernest was also a good friend of Manfred von Karma, and would later fund the abroad studies of Miles Edgeworth, for which Edgeworth was very grateful.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Ernest did seem at first to deeply care about Lance, as he attempted to save his son from being arrested by buying up the crime scene, then preventing it from investigated. However, once he himself was threatened, he attempted to shift the blame entirely to his son to save himself.

The Amano Group was a company with vast international connections. This made Ernest Amano a very wealthy and powerful man. His work was far from completely legal, however, as he allowed his company's resources to be used by an international smuggling group based in Cohdopia and headed by Quercus Alba. The legal authorities were not unaware of the shadier side of his business, raiding company meetings on at least one occasion. Ernest's secretary, Colin Devorae, took the fall and allowed himself to be arrested, saving his boss from going to prison.

When Manny Coachen was arrested for silencing a witness about to testify about the smuggling ring's activities, Alba called on Ernest to prevent the crime organization's second-in-command from being convicted. Using his connections, Ernest arranged for the crucial evidence for the case against Coachen to be stolen: a video tape showing Coachen in the apartment of the murdered woman, and a trump card used by Alba to issue orders.

When Colin Devorae stole a gun from a prison guard and escaped from jail, he came to his former boss for help. Ernest gave his former secretary a new identity, that of "Oliver Deacon", butler to the Amano family and tutor to Ernest's son Lance.

When Portsman was arrested for killing Buddy Faith, who had stumbled upon the prosecutor when he was ransacking Edgeworth's office for KG-8 evidence. Although Portsman tried to conceal the tape on his person, Edgeworth confiscated it, and it fell into the hands of a veteran detective who knew it for what it was from his work on the case ten years earlier. The video tape went on to be used by Edgeworth to defeat Quercus Alba. Without Alba to protect him, Ernest Amano was convicted for his crimes.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Badou Ittetsu
Badou Ittetsu馬堂 一徹 
AliasesTyrell Badd
MeasurementsHeight: 189cm
Hair, Beard, Grey, Moustache
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Tall
Clothes, Necktie, Shirt, Suspenders, Trench Coat, Trousers, Watch
Items, Lollipop
Personality, Cautious, Serious, Smart, Stoic
Role, Coworker, Detective, Thief
Engages in, Theft


Tyrell Badd is a homicide detective in charge of the various investigations of the "Great Thief" known as the Yatagarasu. Badd has been a detective for many years, overseeing a wide variety of cases and earning a great deal of respect from fellow detectives such as Dick Gumshoe.

Badd is a tough veteran detective, having covered many cases in which his life was at risk, evident from his bullet hole-filled trenchcoat. He takes his job seriously. Badd was good friends with Byrne and treats Kay like they're blood relatives. Despite this, he has little patience for people he feels are wasting his time, and he doesn't appreciate being forced to take a backseat to those less competent than he is.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Badd was one of the detectives assigned to protect Cece Yew, an employee of the Amano Group, who was to testify about her employer's role in an international smuggling ring. However, someone managed to enter her apartment and kill her. Still, the evidence pointed towards Manny Coachen as her killer, due to a surveillance video of Yew's apartment that caught Coachen entering with a knife, and thus he was tried. However, some members of the Amano Group lured Badd into a trap and managed to steal the tape. Thus, the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, was unable to convict Coachen. Half of the bullet holes in Badd's jacket were said to have been from that incident.

The trial affected Badd and Faraday deeply, as well as the woman's grieving sister Calisto Yew, who slapped Badd and told him she never wanted to see him again. However, the three ended up working together and becoming the Yatagarasu, a "noble thief" who would steal the truth when the law could do nothing. Calisto Yew would get close to companies and people in her job as a defense attorney, while Byrne Faraday could use a small device to detect security measures protecting the Yatagarasu's targets. Badd became the head of the Yatagarasu investigation and, in doing so, was put in a position in which he was able to remove any evidence that would reveal the true identities of the Yatagarasu.

Seven years later, Badd broke into Faraday's old office, which Edgeworth now occupied, to steal the KG-8 files. He discovered a dead body in the room, but he paid little attention to it as he rummaged through Edgeworth's files to find what he wanted. Edgeworth then returned before Badd could clean up, so Badd pointed a gun at him and escaped into the hallway. Edgeworth later discovered the KG-8 file just outside his office, minus some pages. The young prosecutor had no idea of the intruder's true identity, but he did find the first intruder who had committed murder in his office, Jacques Portsman, who had received a directives card from the smuggling ring's leader to dispose of evidence incriminating the CEO of the Amano Group, Ernest Amano.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Carnage Onred
Carnage Onredカーネイジ オンレッド 
AliasesQuercus Alba
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm
Hair, Beard, Curly, Short, White
Eyes, Green, Kitsuneme
Body, Adult, Old, Tall
Clothes, Cape, Military Uniform
Items, Walking Stick
Personality, Arrogant, Cold-hearted, Docile, Money Lover, Pretending, Selfish, Sly, Stubborn
Role, Ambassador, Coworker, Criminal, Gang Leader, Villain
Engages in, Murder, Teasing


Quercus Alba is the Ambassador of Allebahst in the United States and a witness in a double murder in the embassies of Allebahst and Babahl. For more than ten years, he has served the country of Cohdopia and then Allebahst as their foreign ambassador to the United States. Alba is a hunched, frail old man who's mostly agreeable but often blames himself when things go wrong.

<hidden by spoiler settings>However, this was all a front to his true identity: the leader of an international criminal organization that specialized in counterfeiting and smuggling contraband. He was perfectly capable of standing up straight, and in actuality he was a cold, ruthless, arrogant man. As a politician, he was quite learned in the art of giving vague testimonies that didn't really answer anything, as well as giving every excuse possible to get out of a jam. To compound this, he was also extremely egotistical, taunting everyone who opposed him at every available opportunity.

Alba was exceedingly selfish and greedy. He saw other human lives as mere pawns for him to use in his "game". This included the smuggling ring itself, as it seems that he cared not even for his underlings, throwing them away to the Yatagarasu to protect himself. Even his testimonies were centered around him, avoiding mentions of other people if he could help it. Everything he did was directly for his benefit. Ironically, this served as his downfall as he accumulated many enemies, even within his own ranks.

Alba's self-serving personality was matched only by his sheer determination. Apart from his innumerable excuses and failsafes, he was able to keep up his tame alter-ego for the whole duration of his leadership of the smuggling ring. Even after he was unmasked, he was able to hide all semblance of fear and anxiety, displaying only arrogance and overconfidence throughout the ordeal between him and Miles Edgeworth.

Quercus Alba was originally a general who led Cohdopia through many successful wars. He was considered a hero in his homeland, as he saved the royal family of Codophia from danger countless times. He was thus eventually given the important position of the Cohdopian ambassador to the United States. However, his power eventually corrupted him and he became the leader of an international smuggling ring, using his position and influence over the Cohdopian court system to become legally virtually impregnable.

In 2019, Manny Coachen organized a goodwill event between Allebahst and Babahl. Seeking to usurp Alba, Coachen hired a thief, Ka-Shi Nou, to switch the two statues so that Palaeno would become the ambassador of a reunited Cohdopia.

Alba, however, found out about Coachen's treachery. Thus, he devised a plan with Shih-na to have Coachen killed and blame the death on the Yatagarasu. Near the end of a special Steel Samurai show in the Theatrum Neutralis, Alba confronted Coachen in the dressing room of the stage and attacked him with an ornamental knife from his office. Coachen managed to stab Alba with the Yatagarasu's Key before Alba delivered a fatal blow to the neck. A prop pushcart containing boxes of Samurai Dogs was in the room; Alba removed some of the boxes and stowed the body inside. Ensuring that no evidence was left behind, Alba hid the key inside a bouquet of flowers and quickly returned to his seat.

Now the body had to be transported to Babahl. Alba arranged two statues in the rose garden so that when the spotlights shone onto the podium on which he was to speak, the shadows of the statues would form that of the Yatagarasu. This threw all of the attendants into a panic, and eventually the garden was emptied. The pool in the garden was connected to another one in the open-air stage in Babahl; Alba pushed the pushcart into the garden pool while Shih-na started a fire in Babahl and jumped into the pool, causing all of the water in both pools to be used for the ensuing firefighting effort. Shih-na then collected the body while Alba refilled the pools so that Shih-na could make it back to land. The transport went off without a hitch.

On March 17, 2019, Quercus Alba stood trial in an American courtroom for the murder of Manny Coachen in the Theatrum Neutralis, which was considered American soil. Alba was now helpless as prosecutor Miles Edgeworth revealed all of the terrible deeds that he had committed, which had led to the murder. Alba was compelled to release information to assist Interpol in flushing out the rest of the smuggling ring, finally ridding Zheng Fa of the counterfeiting operation that had been plaguing its economy. A week later, Alba stood trial in a courtroom in the newly reunited Cohdopia for the murder of Ka-Shi Nou, unable even to plead justified self-defense now and at the mercy of prosecutor Franziska von Karma. Thus, Alba was finally convicted of his crimes.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Damian Hinji
Damian Hinjiダミアン ヒンジ 
AliasesColias Palaeno
MeasurementsHeight: 179cm
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length, Sideburns
Eyes, Green, Kitsuneme
Body, Olive
Clothes, Bow Tie, Brooch, Shirt, Vest
Personality, Carefree, Friendly, Honest
Role, Ambassador


Colias Palaeno is the Babahlese ambassador to the United States and a person of interest in the murder that occurred at his embassy. Palaeno is mostly a very honest and generous man. He is always eager to please others and is very cooperative in Edgeworth's investigation, and without any sort of ulterior motive.

Though he comes across as irresponsible at times, he truly is determined to seeing relations renewed between Allebahst and Babahl. He often tries to promote tourism of his country at every available opportunity by giving guests souvenirs and coupons. Despite his cheerful and flippant personality, he knows when he should be serious, and when discussing important matters, such as the murders that took place at his embassy, he wipes the perpetual grin off his face and speaks in a much more composed and reserved manner.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Saddened at the loss of his most trusted employee, Palaeno was eager to allow Interpol to investigate the crime scene. He gave the investigators whatever information they desired, until it was found that the murder weapon, an ornamental knife, came from the Allebahstian embassy, and that Coachen had been involved in a notorious international smuggling ring, possibly even being the leader. A betrayed Palaeno nonetheless found the strength to move forward with the investigation, and he convinced Alba to grant Interpol permission to investigate his office. Palaeno stayed behind with some of the group to investigate Coachen's crime scene further.

Following the reunion of Allebahst and Babahl into Cohdopia, Palaeno became the Cohdopian ambassador to the United States.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Harabai Susumu
Harabai Susumu原灰 ススム 
AliasesMike Meekins, Bill Ballaud
MeasurementsHeight: 188cm
Hair, Black, Brown, Short
Body, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Hat, Jacket, Name Tag, Necktie, Peaked Cap, Police Officer Uniform, Shirt, Trousers
Personality, Airhead, Clumsy, Energetic, Hotblooded
Role, Civil Servant, Police
Subject of, Assault


Mike Meekins is a clumsy and excitable individual who was an initial suspect in the murder of Bruce Goodman in the evidence room of the Los Angeles police department.

As well as being clumsy and excitable, Mike is an overzealous individual. He often salutes, calls everyone "sir", and uses his megaphone for dramatic effect even if the person he is talking to is standing right beside him. His clumsiness is easily demonstrated by the fact that he cannot even get out of his car without getting his tie caught in the car door two-thirds of the time; the remaining times it's his I.D. card. He even bungled bandaging a cut on his hand by covering his entire hand in bandages. Perhaps appropriately, considering his excitability and clumsiness, he aspires to one day to be like Detective Dick Gumshoe.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Mike also appears in Gyakuten Kenji during the events of "The Kidnapped Turnabout", in which he was assigned the role of dressing up as the Blue Badger at Gatewater Land. He reappeared again in Apollo Justice in "Turnabout Succession", apparently being demoted to court bailiff after one too many mistakes. He chased who he thought was Zak into Defendant Lobby #2, but inside the Lobby, he instead only found Zak's daughter Trucy. Wright returned to Defendant Lobby #2 and found Meekins there. Wright figured out that Trucy had used her giant "Mr. Hat" puppet to lure Meekins away from the real Zak.

[Based on his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Houzuki Akane
Houzuki Akane宝月 茜 
AliasesEma Skye
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm
Hair, Brown, Bun, Long, Straight
Eyes, Grey
Body, Average Height, Pale, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, Knee-high Socks, Lab Coat, Name Tag, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shirt, Skirt, Vest, Watch
Items, Bag
Personality, Airhead, Carefree, Curious, Ignorant, Optimist
Role, High School Student, Orphan, Younger Sister
Engages in, Investigation
Subject of, Assault, Frameup, Psychological Trauma


Ema Skye is Phoenix Wright's forensics-obsessed investigative partner and co-counsel in the murder of Bruce Goodman, during the events of "Rise from the Ashes" (which is not included in the 2001 Gameboy Advance release). Her older sister, Lana Skye, was arrested for allegedly murdering Bruce Goodman. Lana instructed Ema to request the services of Mia Fey, but chose Phoenix Wright instead as Mia was absent. Ema lost her parents in a car crash at a young age, so Lana is her only family. Lana raised Ema alone while pursuing her career, resulting in Ema's interest in forensics.

Ema is cheerful and optimistic. She loves science, wanting to be a forensic investigator, and is set to go into forensics in 2020. She also deeply admires both her older sister Lana, and the prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, though she isn't a fan of his office. Ema somewhat lacks in common sense; when examining Wright's desk, she claimed to be studying for a history test and she inaccurately proclaimed George Washington to be "the first king of America." She also has a tendency to write down notes in her notepad, even if they're completely irrelevant to the case at hand.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
During the events of the SL-9 Incident, Ema was waiting for Lana in her office so that they could go out for dinner. Suddenly, the serial killer Joe Darke, who had escaped from his interrogation, burst into the room. Prosecutor Neil Marshall soon came to the rescue, engaging Darke in a fight. During the struggle, Ema saw a man about to stab another with a broken knife. Thinking the attacker was Darke, Ema pushed him, knocking him out. She lost consciousness soon afterward. When she woke up, Lana was cradling her in her arms, Neil was dead, and Darke had been recaptured.

Detective Bruce Goodman interviewed Ema for evidence, but she could not remember anything clearly and was still shock from the experience. A couple of days later, she managed to draw a picture of one man stabbing another on the back of a list of the evidence used to convict Darke.

Two years after the SL-9 Incident, on the last day in court during the events of "Rise from the Ashes", Ema testified about the SL-9 Incident, and the picture she had drawn came up. Eventually, Wright found out that Lana had believed Ema had killed Neil Marshall by accident, but soon proved that Gant was the real killer in both cases and that he had blackmailed Lana with the lie that her younger sister was the killer.

Her personality underwent a dramatic shift when she failed to get her dream job in forensics, becoming much moodier than she was as a teenager and disliking talking to people unless they have something concerning forensics to discuss, otherwise, she usually ignore them. She also developed a great liking for "snackoos", spending large quantities of time vigorously munching on them and ignoring those around her. The sound of her munching became an identifying signal for Apollo Justice, and she sometimes throw snackoos at people who annoyed her.

Ema's disregard for other people extend to her coworkers. She cannot stand prosecutor Klavier Gavin, calling him a "glimmerous fop" (which Apollo always tries to correct to "glamorous" in his head). According to Skye, prosecutors should be "simmerous" and "cool of wit and furrowed of brow" (likely referring to the more serious Miles Edgeworth). She's also resentful of Klavier for what happened to Phoenix Wright, since he had been the prosecutor at the trial that caused his disbarment, and thus she held him personally responsible. Her love of forensics has not lessened however, immediately cheering up if the opportunity to implement it presents itself and sneakily investigating crime scenes when the assigned forensic investigators are not around.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Karuma Gou
Karuma Gou狩魔 豪 
AliasesManfred von Karma
MeasurementsHeight: 177cm
Hair, Grey, No Bangs, Shoulder-length, Slicked Back, Straight
Eyes, Green, Hosome
Body, Adult, Average Height, Pale
Clothes, Brooch, Cravat, Dress Shoes, Suit, Vest
Items, Stun Gun, Walking Stick
Personality, Arrogant, Cautious, Cold-hearted, Competitive, Confident, Dishonest, Perfectionist, Pragmatic, Serious, Strict, Wagahai
Role, Father, Lawyer, Mentor, Non-blood-related Father
Engages in, Murder
Subject of, Confinement, Death, Injury


Manfred von Karma is a renowned prosecutor who has been undefeated for 40 years, earning him numerous "King of Prosecutors" awards. He has been Miles Edgeworth's mentor, responsible for teaching him everything about prosecuting. He is also the father and mentor of Franziska von Karma. None of his cases were left unsolved, and all of the defendants were declared guilty.

Manfred von Karma is an arrogant prosecutor who believes himself better than others, especially defense attorneys, who he saw as nothing more than annoying flies to be swatted. He is also an intimidating man who holds great sway over the courts thanks to his long win record, and he would often almost take over the judges' jobs during trials. Manfred is a great believer in perfection and demands nothing less from himself and his students. In this quest for perfection, he does whatever it takes to win a case.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Following the penalization in the IS-7 incident, von Karma was shocked beyond belief; he had never been penalized before. The one thing he valued above all else was his perfect record.

Soon afterward, an earthquake struck the courthouse, leaving von Karma wandering in the darkness. He felt his way to an elevator and tried to use it, but nothing happened. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out and von Karma was struck in the right shoulder, causing him to utter a terrible scream. Then, the power came back on, and the elevator doors opened. To his surprise, von Karma found a pistol at his feet, along with three people lying unconscious inside the elevator from oxygen deprivation; the court bailiff Yanni Yogi, a young boy, and the man who had ruined his perfect record, Gregory Edgeworth.

When he saw that one of the passengers was Gregory Edgeworth, he picked up the gun and shot him in the heart, killing the defense attorney instantly. von Karma left the gun and fled the scene, taking a "vacation" to heal his injury from the incident. Meanwhile, the case of Gregory Edgeworth's murder, known as the DL-6 Incident, was held against Yanni Yogi, who, at the insistence of his defense attorney Robert Hammond, plead temporary insanity to escape conviction.

Six months after Gregory's death, von Karma adopted Miles, the orphaned son of the man he had killed and the third occupant of the elevator, as his own, and trained him to become a ruthless prosecutor like himself.

Five years later, Manfred von Karma sent a letter to Yanni Yogi with a detailed plan to murder Robert Hammond (whom Yogi blamed for ruining his life by making him plead temporary insanity) and frame Miles Edgeworth. His plans exposed, Manfred started banging his head against the wall of the court. He had suffered two defeats at Wright's hand, the only two he had ever received. Manfred von Karma died soon afterwards, possibly through a death sentence.

[Based on his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Kazura Himiko
Kazura Himiko葛 氷見子 
AliasesCalisto Yew
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Hair, Black
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Makeup, Pale
Clothes, Necktie, Pendant Earring, Suit
Items, Handgun
Personality, Smart
Role, Antagonist, Criminal, Lawyer, Secret Identity
Engages in, Investigation
Voiced byNakamura Yuki


Cool and straight-faced - to a point. She finds people acting seriously hilarious, and Edgeworth especially throws her into fits of uncontrollable laughter. She is a defense attorney, and a witness in one of the cases Edgeworth investigated.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
She turns out to be one of Shih-na's alter egos.

[Edited from Court-Records]

Konomichi Ichiru
Konomichi Ichiru木之路 いちる 
AliasesRhoda Teneiro
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm
Hair, Black, Bun
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Earrings, Flight Attendant Uniform, Pantyhose, Scarf
Personality, Friendly, Refined
Role, Flight Attendant


Rhoda Teneiro is a chief flight attendant working for iFly Airlines. She accompanied Miles Edgeworth on his investigation into the murder of Akbey Hicks, which had occurred in an iFly airplane.

Teneiro takes great pride in her job as a "professional flight attendant" and her "service with a smile even if we're crashing into the ocean" mentality. She is extremely committed to her role, being very organized with every aspect of her job.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Teneiro was one of the chief flight attendants working on Flight I-390, traveling from Borginia to America. After the plane hit a patch of turbulence, Teneiro found Edgeworth in the lounge, with the dead body of Interpol agent Akbey Hicks in the nearby lift. The shock of the scene caused her to lose her composure and accuse Edgeworth for murdering the agent with a wallet that Edgeworth was holding. Teneiro took him back to his seat and bound his hands, saying that he was to remain in custody until the airplane arrives at the airport.

Nevertheless, Edgeworth proved her wrong by pointing out that the wallet was dripping with grape juice instead of blood (which was what Teneiro had initially believed). She checked the wallet, and there was only a passport, belonging to the victim, indicating that it was not the real murder weapon, since it was not heavy enough to cause blunt force trauma. Again, she persisted that Edgeworth had killed Agent Hicks, this time with the motive of monetary theft. Edgeworth then showed to her, that in the crime scene, the rest of the wallet's content was scattered in the elevator, and the culprit had not taken the money. Teneiro then untied Edgeworth, and apologized.[/URL]

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Makari Tooru
Makari Tooru真刈 透 
AliasesMack Rell
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Hair, Beard, Black, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Flip-flops, Necklace, Shirt, Trousers
Role, Assassin, Criminal, Criminal Accomplice
Engages in, Murder
Subject of, Homicide


Mack Rell was the defendant in the murder of Deid Mann at the Cohdopian Embassy. He was later murdered during the intermission of his trial. Rell was a prolific criminal, but evidently not intelligent enough to follow through on his last crime, as seen from his many mistakes. He seemed to follow orders closely from those with more power than him, such as Yew.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Rell had led a life of crime since his teenager years, and he was arrested several times over many years. In 2011, Rell was hired by Calisto Yew to kill an employee of the Cohdopian Embassy, Deid Mann. If caught, Rell was to claim to be the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Rell was caught on camera committing the crime and was promptly arrested. During his interrogation, he followed his orders, claiming to be the Yatagarasu. However, he did not recognize the Yatagarasu's signature calling card, making his claim suspicious.

Yew became Rell's defense attorney, telling him to accuse the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, of being the Yatagarasu, in exchange for an acquittal. In court, because of the clear and decisive evidence against him, Rell confessed to the murder, but claimed that Byrne Faraday, the Yatagarasu, had told him to do it. Subsequently, court was adjourned and a new prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, was summoned to replace Faraday.

During the intermission, Faraday dragged Rell to Defendant Lobby No. 2 to negotiate a deal with the defendant. However, Yew had planned to kill Faraday all along, and she did so. She then had Rell put the surveillance video of Mann's murder into a VCR in the room before shooting him dead. She then proceeded to modify the crime scene so as to give herself an alibi, throw off the perceived time of death, and made it look like the two men had killed one another. The bodies were later discovered just as the trial was about to resume.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Ooba Kaoru
Ooba Kaoru大場 カオル 
AliasesWendy Oldbag, Flavie Eïchouette
Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Pale
Clothes, Belt, Hairpin, Uniform
Personality, Atashi, Deredere, Grumbler, Loud, Moody, Old-fashioned, Stubborn, Talkative
Role, Security Guard
Engages in, Stalking


Wendy Oldbag is a talkative old woman who has worked as a security guard for various organizations such as Global Studios and KB Security.

Oldbag mainly comes across as a stereotypical cranky old lady. She is prone to ramble on and on when given the opportunity, lecturing others about their behavior and comparing their actions to the "good old days". She is also very stubborn, especially with those she views as "young whippersnappers", and reacts badly to anyone bad-mouthing her crushes. She has not kept track of her age since her 20s, so even she doesn't know her real age.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Orito Himeko
Orito Himeko織戸 姫子 
AliasesLauren Paups
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm
Hair, Brown, Parted to Side
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Band-aid, Headscarf, Maid's Dress
Items, Lollipop, Scissors
Personality, Flustered, Low Self-esteem, Shy
Role, Criminal Accomplice, Daughter, Girlfriend, Maid


Lauren Paups is a witness in the kidnapping of Lance Amano. She is very shy and rarely likes talking to people. She has no sense of internal monologue and takes a pair of scissors to her hair whenever she feels deeply ashamed or distressed.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Paups was the daughter of Colin Devorae, an employee of the Amano Group under Ernest Amano. Her father's job had him fly around the world, so Paups ended up befriending the Amano family, including Ernest's son Lance. Paups has stated that she and Lance met on a crosswalk when she was so engrossed in eating a loaf of bread that she ran right into him. Around the time of the KG-8 Incident, her father broke the wings off a Pegasus pendant, gave it to her, and told her that he would be on a particularly long trip this time, but promised that he would return. Later on, the Amano family hired a butler, Oliver Deacon, and over the years Lance and Paups fell in love.

en years later, Lance fell into debt. He came up with a way of getting the money he needed by staging a fake kidnapping of himself and then collecting $1 million of ransom money from his father. To pull the plan off, he enlisted Paups, telling her that he intended to start a new life with her. Oliver Deacon also decided to join them.

The plan was to have Ernest deliver the ransom to Gatewater Land. The "kidnappers" each wore a Badger costume to avoid detection: Lance in the Proto Badger, Paups in the Blue Badger and Deacon in the Bad Badger. The three worked out the details of the plan inside a room in the Wild, Wild West area of the park. When a family friend, Miles Edgeworth, arrived to deliver the ransom, Lance and Deacon directed Edgeworth to the haunted house while Paups waited elsewhere.

However, the plot took a turn for the worse. Lance told Paups that Deacon had attacked him at the haunted house, but he had managed to restrain him and take him to Wild, Wild West. When Paups arrived, Lance showed her an unconscious figure in a Bad Badger costume in the next room. Lance then gave Paups a gun for protection. However, as the two made their escape, Paups received a call on her cellphone from Lance telling her that Deacon had escaped with the ransom and was heading for the stadium. Paups ran into the Bad Badger there, who aimed a gun at her, and Paups shot him. Shocked at the gravity of her actions, she threw the murder weapon and her costume into the sea.

Later on, Paups wandered into Wild, Wild West and met Miles Edgeworth, who was investigating Deacon's murder, and became smitten with him. Later on, Lance was found in the stadium, and Paups's costume was found in the water, containing Paups's piece of the Pegasus pendant. The jig was up, and Paups confessed to killing Deacon. However, Edgeworth had already found Colin Devorae's piece of the pendant on Oliver Deacon's body and discovered that Deacon was, in fact, Colin Devorae, who had been imprisoned, but had escaped and found sanctuary at the Amano household to watch over his daughter. Edgeworth further deduced that Lance had given Paups the prop gun on the Bad Badger costume, and then pretended to be Deacon in the stadium by wearing a Bad Badger head instead of his Proto Badger head.

Edgeworth concluded that Lance was the real killer. To cover up his crime, Lance had attempted to frame Paups by kidnapping Edgeworth - who was the unconscious "Deacon" who Lance had "captured" earlier - and then setting up the encounter at the stadium. However, Ernest stepped in and tried cover up his son's crime, first by finding the real murder weapon, which contained Paups's fingerprints, and then by buying the haunted house, which had been determined to be the true crime scene, and refusing Edgeworth access to it. Nonetheless, using a simulation device, Edgeworth was able to determine the true circumstances behind the murder. It turned out that Lance had found out about Oliver Deacon's true identity and coerced him into the kidnapping plot. However, Devorae had attacked Lance in the haunted house, forcing Lance to kill him in self-defense.

Paups was thus cleared of all suspicion. Edgeworth assured her that her father's actions were out of his love for her. This served only to intensify Paups's crush on him.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

AliasesJudge, Juge, Richter, Juez, Giudice, Judge Chambers (unofficial)
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm
Hair, Bald, Beard, Grey, Moustache
Eyes, Brown, Hosome
Body, Average Height, Old, Pale
Clothes, Necktie, Robe, Trousers
Personality, Airhead, Naive, Serious, Watashi
Role, Civil Servant, Judge, No Name, Older Brother


The Judge who presides over almost all of Phoenix's cases.

The Judge, though well meaning, is naive and very gullible. Not the brightest bulb.

His name is revealed to be "Judge Chambers" in the fan-made "Turbabout Substitution".

[From Court Records]

Shirato Wakana
Shirato Wakana白音 若菜 
AliasesCammy Meele
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm
Hair, Brown, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Earrings, Flight Attendant Uniform, High Heels, Miniskirt, Scarf
Items, Stuffed Toy
Personality, Absentminded, Carefree, Jealous, Lazy, Pretending, Relaxed, Sleepyhead
Role, Coworker, Criminal, Flight Attendant, Multilingual
Engages in, Murder


Cammy Meele is a lazy flight attendant who was aboard iFly Airlines Flight I-390 during the murder of Akbey Hicks.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Meele studied abroad in Borginia at some point in her life, becoming fluent in the local language. She eventually became involved with an international smuggling ring, using her job as an air hostess at iFly Airlines to aid the criminal group in the smuggling of priceless artifacts and the forging of documents. As a flight attendant, she was occasionally in charge of First Class, but her laziness meant that the only real job to which she was entrusted was to handle "Borginian stuff", due to her ability to speak and write the language.

During one flight, Meele was ordered to help Interpol agent Akbey Hicks in an investigation of the plane's cargo hold. When Hicks began to take pictures of the cargo hold, Meele panicked and pushed him off the elevated staircase to the floor far below, killing him.

Meele appeared to be an extremely lazy woman at first glance, often falling asleep while being talked to and even nodding off while standing. Snot bubbles would appear whilst her long hair was drooped over her face. Meele also constantly carried a doll of her airline's mascot, Mr. Ifly, around with her. However, this was all an act to make herself seem harmless. The snot bubbles were actually soap bubbles she was blowing underneath her hair. Meele was also a very possessive woman, becoming very jealous if another woman even so much as talked to her boyfriend, the Captain of Flight I-390.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Suzuki Mako
Suzuki Mako須々木 マコ 
AliasesMaggey Byrde, Maguy Loiseau
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Apron, Belt, Glasses, Hairpin, Hair Ribbon, High Heels, Mini-dress, Necktie, Peaked Cap, Police Officer Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Sports Shoes, Sweater, Tie Pin, T-shirt
Items, Tray
Personality, Energetic, Hotblooded, Outgoing
Role, Ex-girlfriend, Police, Prisoner, Waitstaff
Subject of, Confinement


Maggey Byrde was one of Phoenix Wright's clients who is especially notable for her very bad luck. Despite this, Maggey is cheerful and enthusiastic. She was the girlfriend of Dustin Prince, the murder victim of the first case, "The Lost Turnabout".

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Soon after her trial, Jean Armstrong employed Byrde as a waitress at his restaurant, Trés Bien.

On Dec. 3, 2018, during her shift, Byrde served coffee to two men, Furio Tigre and Glen Elg, at a table. She saw Tigre slip potassium cyanide into Elg's cup of coffee; when Elg drank his coffee, he collapsed and died, causing Byrde to faint. When Byrde woke up, she found that she had been accused of the crime; Tigre had had Armstrong hide Byrde and Elg in the kitchen and reenact the crime to fool a witness into thinking Byrde had killed the victim. Byrde again hired Phoenix Wright to defend her, but Tigre appeared instead, disguised as Wright, and Tigre intentionally put up a poor defense against the case of prosecutor Winston Payne. A month later, however, the real Phoenix Wright appealed the case and exposed Tigre as the killer, clearing Byrde's name once more.

After her stint as a waitress, Byrde was hired as a security guard in the Prosecutor's Building. One day, Jacques Portsman asked her to open his door, but Byrde had lost her master key, so she merely pretended to lock the door. Byrde later became a suspect in the murder of detective Buddy Faith in Miles Edgeworth's office, to Gumshoe's dismay. Portsman deduced that Byrde had walked in on the detective robbing the office and killed him, but Edgeworth refuted Portsman's claims.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Yahari Masashi
Yahari Masashi矢張 政志 
AliasesLarry Butz, Paul Defès, Laurice Deauxnim
MeasurementsHeight: 177cm
Hair, Brown, Goatee, No Bangs, Short, Slicked Back, Spiky
Eyes, Brown, Hosome
Body, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Jacket, Trousers
Personality, Carefree, Lazy, Naive, Ore, Outgoing, Womanizer
Role, Actor, Childhood Friend, Ex-boyfriend, Painter, Part-time Worker
Subject of, Frameup


Larry has been Phoenix's friend since grade school, and despite his problems with women (and slacking off) he's a good friend who sticks by Phoenix.

Larry is generally easy going and laid back, but shows his emotions easily. He's very trusting and a little flaky, which leads to him moving between women and part time jobs fairly regularly.

[From Court Records]

Yuuki Makoto
Yuuki Makoto優木 誠人 
AliasesJacques Portsman
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm
Hair, Brown, Parted in Middle, Short
Body, Average Height, Muscular, Young-adult
Clothes, Belt, Coat, Fingerless Gloves, Headband, Shirt, Trousers
Personality, Carefree, Cold-hearted, Genius, Perfectionist, Pretending, Whimsical
Role, Criminal, Lawyer
Engages in, Murder, Sports


Jacques Portsman is a prosecutor prodigy who's in charge of the investigation into a murder that occurred in Miles Edgeworth's office. Portsman is a great fan of sports and regularly plays tennis, dodgeball, soccer, and basketball. He spends hours training in his office. In fact, he seems to spend far more time working out physically than studying his law books, which themselves are vastly outnumbered by shelves upon shelves of sports memorabilia, trophies, and awards in his office.

<hidden by spoiler settings>While he came across as a cheerful and impulsive man who cared about his friends, in actuality he was a cold individual who viewed his partner as expendable. He also seemed to have been a bit of a perfectionist.

Jacques Portsman seemed to his peers as nothing more than a sports-obsessed prosecutor, but he was actually an agent for an international smuggling ring. His job was to control investigations surrounding puppet corporations of the ring and conceal evidence so as to cover the ring's tracks and prevent its leader's identity from being revealed. He achieved this through forged evidence and intentionally backing out of certain cases.

Portsman was also supposed to retrieve court files related to the KG-8 Incident from Room 1202 of the Prosecutor's Building, which was the former office of late prosecutor Byrne Faraday. However, despite insisting that he wanted Room 1202 as his office, he received the adjacent Room 1203 instead, because Room 1202 was already occupied.

The night after Amano's arrest, Portsman received a directives card from the smuggling ring's leader, ordering him to retrieve a video from the KG-8 Incident that had been confiscated from Amano after his arrest. Portsman had Faith fetch the video and two pieces of evidence intended for Amano's trial. Meanwhile, Portsman saw his chance to steal the KG-8 files from Room 1202. The basketball hoop outside of Room 1203 had by then become a staple of Portsman's office. Portsman moved the hoop to the door of Room 1202 and switched the number plates between Rooms 1202 and 1203. He then tricked the lone late-night security guard, Maggey Byrde, into opening Room 1202 for him, and then he searched for the KG-8 files.

Failing to find what he needed in the office's safe, Portsman ransacked the office bookshelf and then replaced the books in what he believed was the correct order. However, Faith caught Portsman in the act, and realized that there had been more to his errand than his partner had let on. The two struggled, and Portsman grabbed Faith's revolver, and shot him in his abdomen. Portsman then wrote detective Dick Gumshoe's name in Faith's blood on some of the books and left with the video, which was stained from the gunshot. He then spent some time in the Criminal Affairs Department to establish his alibi.

Hours later, Miles Edgeworth, the resident prosecutor of Room 1202, discovered the body, and the ensuing investigation was underway. To ensure Gumshoe's arrest, Portsman barged into the office again to take over the investigation. He knelt over Faith's body as if he were mourning his death, and then he pointed out the bloody writing implicating Gumshoe. However, by then, someone else had taken one of the files on which Gumshoe's name was written, nullifying the accusation against him. Portsman thus revealed his backup scapegoat: Maggey Byrde, who had had the only master key in the building at the time. He claimed that he had told Faith about the safes that were in each prosecutor's office, and Faith had tried to rob the safe, at which point Byrde had caught him in the act and killed him. Portsman also claimed that he had been in his office the entire time. He then had Edgeworth, Byrde and Gumshoe removed from the office, pointing to them all as potential suspects.

Undeterred, Edgeworth continued his search in the 12th Floor Hallway and figured out what Portsman had done. Edgeworth reentered his office and confronted Portsman with a note that the victim had slipped under the door to Room 1203, indicating that Faith had retrieved the evidence that Portsman had wanted. However, Portsman already had his backup alibi: he had been at the Criminal Affairs Department, and he claimed that he had already read the note. Nonetheless, he was unable to keep the lie going for very long, claiming that he had been storing two pieces of evidence that Faith had given him. Edgeworth immediately had Gumshoe search Portsman for the missing third piece of evidence: the blood-stained video. After Edgeworth revealed Portsman as the murderer, the latter began rapidly biting down on the medal he wore around his neck until he finally swallowed it and fainted. Portsman was promptly arrested for Faith's murder, leaving his directives card behind, which Edgeworth mistakenly came to believe was a card sent by the Great Thief Yatagarasu.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Zinc White
Zinc Whiteジンク ホワイト 
AliasesZinc Lablanc, Zinc Lablanc II
MeasurementsHeight: 166cm
Hair, Blond, Curly, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Grey
Body, Adult, Average Height, Overweight, Pale
Clothes, Beret, Bracelet, Necklace, Puffy Sleeves, Ring, Turtleneck Shirt, Vest, Watch
Personality, Short-tempered, Stubborn


Zinc Lablanc II is a Borginian art dealer. He is a witness in the murder of Akbey Hicks aboard iFly Airlines Flight I-390. Lablanc is very hot-tempered and impatient, often referring to the phrase, "Time is money." He consults his pocket watch often, which is another indication of his lack of patience. He is very defensive of his art pieces, although he appears quite poor at spotting fakes.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Unaware that iFly's clocks were set to the time zone of their location of departure, Lablanc set his watch to Los Angeles time, and thus missed the in-flight film he had been anticipating to watch, License to Love, Laugh, Maim, and Murder. Still oblivious to his error, Lablanc saw Akbey Hicks enter the lounge at 3 a.m., but his watch told him that it was 6. Later on, flight attendant Rhoda Teneiro and another passenger discovered Hicks's body, and Teneiro apprehended the passenger as a suspect and took him to the top floor to question him.

The passenger's name was Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor. He convinced Teneiro that her initial reasons for suspecting him were flawed, but Lablanc angrily insisted that Edgeworth was the murderer. This was because only Edgeworth was in the lounge during the time leading up to the murder, and he had seen Akbey Hicks entering the lounge at 6. Edgeworth soon proved Lablanc wrong by pointing out that his watch was wrong relative to the plane's time.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

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Akaishi Aoi
Akaishi Aoi赤石 葵 
AliasesKa-Shi Nou, Mask☆DeMasque II
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Olive, Overweight, Young-adult
Clothes, Boots, Coat, Hat, Trousers
Role, Foreigner, Thief
Engages in, Disguise, Theft
Subject of, Homicide


Ka-Shi Nou was one of the victims in the double murder at the Cohdopian Embassy. He was the self-declared Mask☆DeMasque II, dressing the same as the original, buying one of the widespread copycat outfits. However, he bears no relation to the real Mask☆DeMasque.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Manny Coachen hired Nou to steal the Allebahstian Primidux Statue. Coachen drew up a detailed plan for the thief, but when Nou arrived at the Allebahst Ambassador's Office, ambassador Quercus Alba was in. Unbeknownst to both Nou and Coachen, the Allebahstian statue had already been switched with the Babahlese version, rendering the heist pointless even if it had succeeded.

Alba attacked Nou with the statue, killing the intruder.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Akbey Hicks
Akbey Hicksアクビー ヒックス 
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length, Straight
Eyes, Blue
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Glasses, Necktie, Suit
Items, Mobile Phone
Role, Civil Servant, Coworker, Detective, Foreigner, Friend
Engages in, Investigation
Subject of, Homicide


Akbey Hicks was a Borginian man who was killed during a flight from Borginia to the United States.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
An associate and close friend of Shi-Long Lang, Hicks was put on the Interpol investigation into the smuggling ring. He was paired up with the prosecutor Franziska von Karma and took iFly Airlines Flight I-390 from Borginia to the United States to meet up with her.

During the flight, Hicks went down to the cargo hold with flight attendant Cammy Meele to check on the priceless Alif Red statue. Hicks suspected that it had been swapped with a fake during a stopover in Zheng Fa. Unbeknownst to him, Meele was actually working undercover for the smuggling ring. When Hicks began taking pictures of the cargo hold, she panicked and pushed him off the stairs, killing him.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Auchi Takefumi
Auchi Takefumi亜内 武文 
AliasesWinston Payne, Victor Boulay
MeasurementsHeight: 164cm
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Hidden
Body, Adult, Average Height
Clothes, Coke-bottle Glasses, Necktie, Suit
Personality, Overconfident
Role, Lawyer


Winston Payne, known as the "Rookie Killer", is the first prosecutor you face in every game of the series. He also shows up in Gyakuten Saiban 4.

Like all the prosecutors Payne has a superior attitude, but that fades quickly when he faces actual opposition. Not the best prosecutor of the bunch.

[From Court Records]

Ayasato Harumi
Ayasato Harumi綾里 春美 
AliasesPearl Fey
MeasurementsHeight: 125cm
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Hair Beads, Hair Loopies
Eyes, Grey
Body, Kid, Pale, Short
Clothes, Bracelet, Coat, Magatama, Pendant Necklace, Robe, Sandals
Personality, Distrustful, Genius, Kind, Refined, Watakushi
Role, Cousin, Daughter, Half-sister, Niece, Psychic, Younger Sister
Subject of, Benevolent Possession


Pearl Fey is Maya Fey's cousin and the youngest known girl in the Fey clan during the time of Phoenix Wright's career. She is a prodigy among spirit mediums, having "intense spiritual power", and also having knowledge of the Fey clan that exceeds Maya's, who is expected to assume the title of Kurain Master.

Although usually a cheerful and innocent little girl, upon meeting strangers, Pearl will not say anything and will instead quickly run away. Even if a stranger greets her nicely, or even if Maya herself introduces him or her, it takes a long time to gain her trust. This is due to her mother teaching her to do this whenever a suspicious-looking person tries to talk to her. Wright has noted her speech, and even her laugh, to be refined in tone.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
During the events of "Reunion, and Turnabout", "Ini Miney" was arrested the next day for the murder of Turner Grey following Wright's defense of Maya, and because of Morgan's role as an accomplice, she was sent to prison, effectively leaving Pearl Fey alone. Morgan had conspired with Miney to kill Grey and have Maya blamed for it, enabling Pearl to inherit the title of Master of Kurain. With no other known relatives, Wright and Maya essentially became Pearl's guardians, showing her the world outside of Kurain Village.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Ayasato Mayoi
Ayasato Mayoi綾里 真宵 
AliasesMaya Fey, Mystic Maya
MeasurementsHeight: 154cm
Hair, Black, Blunt Bangs, Bun, Hair Beads, Hime Cut, Ponytail, Sidehair, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Happi, Helmet, Kimono, Magatama, Maid's Dress, Necklace, Wristband
Personality, Atashi, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Honest, Immature, Kind, Loyal, Optimist
Role, Baker, Comrade, Cousin, Full Sister, Niece, Prisoner, Psychic, Waitstaff, Younger Sister
Engages in, Disguise, Investigation, Self-sacrifice
Subject of, Benevolent Possession, Confinement, Delusion, Frameup, Hypnotism, Kidnapping, Mind Control


Heir to a prominent family of spiritualists, Maya is Phoenix's obligatory perky sidekick during all three games.

Maya is optimistic, excitable, friendly, curious, and a fangirl for all things Steel Samurai. Like her sister she is tenacious to a fault, and very attached to "Nick" (her and her sister's name for Phoenix). Not always the brightest but loyal and outgoing.

Maya grew up in Kurain, training to be a spiritual medium. After the disappearance of her mother when she was two, and later because her sister left the village, she is destined to become the heir of her family. Though her sister left home they still remain in contact and are very close.

Maya's spiritual powers are still somewhat underdeveloped, and she has trouble calling spirits.

[From Court Records]

AliasesBellboy, Le Groom
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
Hair, Brown, Multicolored, No Bangs, Orange, Short, Slicked Back
Eyes, Brown, Hosome
Body, Average Height, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Necktie, Suit, Uniform
Items, Tray
Personality, Hardworker, Honest, Refined, Relaxed
Role, No Name, Waitstaff


A hotel bellboy and witness from case 2.

He is honest and straightforward, willing to do anything for the reputation of his hotel. He had a crush on April May.

[From Court Records]

Deid Mann
Deid Mannディード マン 
Hair, Brown, Moustache, Short
Eyes, Green
Body, Adult, Pale
Clothes, Necktie, Suit
Role, Civil Servant, Foreigner
Subject of, Homicide


Deid Mann was the victim in the second KG-8 incident. He was a staff member of the Cohdopian Embassy in the United States.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Quercus Alba, Cohdopia's ambassador to the United States, was the leader of the smuggling ring, and he saw Mann as a threat once he submitted himself as a witness to the embassy's smuggling activities. In addition to this, the Yatagarasu had stolen a special key from the embassy and was closing in on its target, the mastermind of the ring. Alba tasked one of his agents, who was spying on the Yatagarasu as a mole, to neutralize both of these threats. To this end, "Calisto Yew", as the agent called herself, hired a hitman, Mack Rell, to kill Mann. However, he was caught on camera, and promptly arrested.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Ichijou Kurou
Ichijou Kurou一条 九郎 
AliasesByrne Faraday
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Straight
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Average Height, Pale
Clothes, Scarf, Shirt, Suit
Personality, Carefree, Protective
Role, Father, Lawyer, Thief
Subject of, Homicide


Byrne Faraday was the father of Kay Faraday and a prosecutor who worked with detective Tyrell Badd on cases involving the Great Thief Yatagarasu and the Cohdopian smuggling ring. This eventually culminated in a trial in 2011, in which the defendant claimed that he was the Yatagarasu, which resulted in the deaths of both men.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Through their investigations of the smuggling ring, Faraday and Badd found that the Amano Group was financing the ring. Cece Yew, an Amano Group employee, was the only witness that they had to prove this, but she was murdered before she could testify. However, a security camera in Yew's apartment caught the killer with the murder weapon, an employee of the Cohdopian Embassy named Manny Coachen. When Coachen was put on trial for the murder, Faraday prepared the security video as decisive evidence, but agents of the Amano Group stole the tape, and thus Coachen received a not guilty verdict due to a lack of decisive evidence. After the trial, Yew's sister Calisto accosted Faraday and Badd, blaming them for failing to convict her sister's killer. Faraday and Badd then realized that there were some people who simply could not be touched by the law, and vowed to bring down the smuggling ring from outside of the courts.

Some time later, Faraday and Badd encountered Calisto again, and the three of them formed a persona known as the Great Thief Yatagarasu. The Yatagarasu became known as a vigilante thief, dedicated to exposing illegal corporate dealings by stealing evidence from various companies and sending it to the media. Faraday aided the Yatagarasu's operation through his knowledge of disabling security measures, which he had gained from prosecuting criminals, as well as a device called Little Thief, which helped the Yatagarasu to plan heists. Over the next three years, the Yatagarasu went on to bring down many companies affiliated with the smuggling ring, but were unable to find the organisation's head. As a cover, Faraday and Badd placed themselves into every investigation into the Yatagarasu as "experts" on the thief. Badd also used his position as a detective to hide all evidence relating to the Yatagarasu. Meanwhile, Calisto attracted the attention of companies wanting to be protected from the Yatagarasu.

[Taken from The Ace Attorney Wiki.]

Manny Coachen
Manny Coachenマニィ コーチン 
MeasurementsHeight: 183cm
Hair, Brown, Shaggy
Eyes, Green
Body, Adult, Pale, Tall
Clothes, Necktie, Suit
Personality, Dishonest, Money Lover
Role, Civil Servant, Criminal, Criminal Accomplice, Gang Member, Secretary
Engages in, Betrayal
Subject of, Homicide


Manny Coachen was the secretary to a foreign embassy who was murdered where he worked.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
For at least ten years, Coachen worked under the Cohdopian ambassador to the United States, Quercus Alba, as part of his secret criminal syndicate, helping with his counterfeiting and smuggling operations. One day, he was instructed to kill an employee of the allied Amano Group in order to keep her from testifying against the corporation. Coachen was arrested and tried for the crime, but agents of the Amano Group stole the evidence required to convict him, so he was acquitted. Coachen also kept in contact with a spy planted at the trial, who ended up joining Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd to form the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Three years later, Coachen observed a trial after which the spy was found out and forced to escape.

When Cohdopia divided into two countries, Coachen began to work for Colias Palaeno, ambassador of Babahl, while Alba retained his ambassador's position in Allebahst. When reunification plans for Allebahst and Babahl were discussed, Coachen saw this as his chance to usurp Alba as the smuggling ring's leader. To this end, he enlisted Ka-Shi Nou to break into the Allebahstian embassy and steal Allebahst's Primidux Statue. The idea was to swap it with a fake, so that when the two countries became Cohdopia again, Palaeno would be made ambassador, removing Alba's authority and extraterritorial rights.

However, Alba got wind of this plan. On the night of a goodwill event at the embassy, Alba murdered Coachen in the Theatrum Neutralis, and moved his body into Coachen's office, in order to throw suspicion off of himself.

Coachen was effectively the second-in-command in the Cohdopian smuggling ring, owing to his position in the Babahlese embassy. Overall, he was a very greedy and treacherous individual. His greed led him to hiding some art pieces in his safe, as well as attempting to betray his master.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Nakamado Shinji
Nakamado Shinji仲間戸 真治 
AliasesBuddy Faith, Jim, リョウ (Ryou)
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm
Hair, Brown, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Flat Cap, Necktie, Suit
Role, Civil Servant, Coworker, Detective
Engages in, Investigation
Subject of, Homicide


Buddy Faith was a detective whose body was found in the Prosecutor's Building, on the day of Miles Edgeworth's return. Faith was assigned to the prosecutor Jacques Portsman as his investigative partner.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
When Ernest Amano was about to be arrested by Shi-Long Lang, Portsman appeared (along with Faith) to take him away. This was because, in actuality, both Portsman and Amano were part of an international smuggling ring, and thus Portsman was tasked to protect Amano from the law.

In order to perform this task, Portsman had Faith obtain three pieces of evidence for him: a gun, a pendant, and a video tape. Both the gun and the pendant were important pieces of evidence in the case against Amano. The video tape, labeled "KG-8 Incident" and stained with Faith's blood at the time of his death, would later aid in the arrest of Quercus Alba, the leader of the smuggling ring.

Faith returned to Portsman's office with the three pieces of evidence, but finding his superior was out, he instead left a note that he had gotten the three items and would meet up with him later. The detective then heard the sound of someone moving about in Edgeworth's office, which was suspicious since the prosecutor had not yet returned to his office. He entered Edgeworth's office only to find Portsman ransacking the room in search of something. Faith confronted his superior and, in the struggle, Portsman took the detective's police issue pistol from him.

The prosecuting prodigy asserted that a prosecutor's job was to find the accused guilty. Faith asked why Portsman was doing what he was doing, only to be told that the prosecutor would use any means necessary to obtain a guilty verdict before promptly being shot. The bullet passed through Faith's lower abdomen and into the bookcase behind him. "Jim" fell back against the bookcase and collapsed, dead.

[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Naruhodou Ryuuichi
Naruhodou Ryuuichi成歩堂 龍一 
AliasesPhoenix Wright, Nick, Mr. Nick, Feenie, Wrighto, Trite
MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Hair, Black, No Bangs, Spiky
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Young-adult
Clothes, Necktie, Suit
Personality, Boku, Friendly, Honest, Kind, Loyal, Protective, Sharp-tongued, Smart
Role, Baker, Childhood Friend, Lawyer, Non-blood-related Father
Engages in, Investigation, Sarcasm
Subject of, Attempted Homicide, Blackmail, Delusion, Hospitalization, Hypnotism, Mind Control


"Ace Attorney" and main character of the first three games, Phoenix has wanted to be a defense lawyer since he was a kid, and first appears as the new addition to Mia Fey's law practice.

Phoenix is generally easy-going, which usually leads to his friends leading him around. He's dedicated to defending his innocent clients, but because he's just starting out he depends a lot on his boss and mentor, Mia Fey. Phoenix is also a loyal friend who won't back down once he's set his mind on something. He has a bit of a sarcastic side that he usually keeps to himself.

[From Court Records]

Ogura Masumi
Ogura Masumi小倉 真澄 
AliasesOliver Deacon
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
Hair, Grey, Moustache, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Average Height, Pale
Clothes, Shirt, Trousers, Vest
Role, Butler, Criminal Accomplice, Father, Prisoner
Engages in, Escape From Confinement
Subject of, Confinement, Homicide


Oliver Deacon was found dead in the Wild Wild West part of Gatewater Land.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Colin Devorae was an employee of the Amano Group. He was arrested and convicted for corruption charges as a result of the Amano Group scandal but escaped and went under the alias of "Oliver Deacon". He was killed ten years after the scandal during a staged kidnapping plot.

The company that employed Colin Devorae came under scrutiny when another employee of the Amano Group, Cece Yew, came forward to authorities with intent to testify on the Amano Group's dealings with an international smuggling ring. However, Yew was killed shortly afterward, and the only suspect was found innocent of the murder. When the police began to hunt for more evidence of Yew's claims, the company claimed that it had found the culprit: Colin Devorae. Devorae was merely a scapegoat who had no real knowledge of what had been going on, but he was convicted and sentenced to prison time anyway.

Before he went to jail, Devorae broke off the wings of a silver pendant of Pegasus and gave the wings portion to his daughter Lauren, telling her that he was going on a long business trip and that he would return to her eventually. He wrote his own name on the horse and Lauren's name on the wings, and then he was hauled off to Penn E. Dent Prison. However, he managed to escape and steal a gun from one of the guards. He returned to the house of the Amano Group's CEO Ernest Amano, who agreed to give him sanctuary as his butler. For the next ten years, Devorae went under the name "Oliver Deacon" in order to avoid authorities and stay hidden, as well as to keep an eye on his daughter, who began to date Amano's son Lance Amano. However, Lance came to find out "Oliver Deacon's" true identity.

Ten years after the scandal, Lance Amano fell into debt and intended to take some of his father's money. Using his knowledge of Oliver Deacon's real name, Lance coerced him into participating in a staged kidnapping that he was planning with Lauren. The plan was to have Ernest Amano surrender $1 million as ransom at Gatewater Land. However, as family friend Miles Edgeworth was delivering the ransom payment, Colin Devorae decided that Lance was a threat to him and his daughter due to the blackmail, so he turned against Lance and attacked him in the haunted house with the gun that he had stolen ten years earlier. The struggle ended with Lance managing to take the gun and shooting his assailant dead. Lance changed his plan, moving Devorae's body to a garage in the Wild, Wild West area of the park.
[Taken from his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Oosawagi Natsumi
Oosawagi Natsumi大沢木 ナツミ 
AliasesLotta Hart, Eva Cozésouci
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm
Hair, Afro, Orange
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Capri Pants, Earrings, Headband, Jacket, Sports Shoes, Turtleneck Shirt
Items, Bag, Binoculars, Camera
Personality, Airhead, Energetic, Hotblooded, Outgoing, Secretive, Short-tempered
Role, Journalist, Mentor
Engages in, Photography


Lotta Hart is a fiery-tempered photographer who appears as a witness in several of series' cases. Much of the photographic evidence in said cases comes from her.

Hart is fierce and loud, but well-meaning. She defends her secrets ferociously, but she is always willing to help Wright, just not for free. Hart is often single-minded in the pursuit of her goals and gets aggravated if she thinks people are mocking her or her homeland. Although she was a paranormal photographer at one point, she is "really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff", suggesting her want to leap into situations without forethought. Hart also has a habit of changing her job each time Wright sees her. However, it usually incorporates her photography abilities.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
Phoenix Wright's first encounter with the fiery red-head was during "Turnabout Goodbyes". She had heard about Gourdy and planned to capture a photograph of the beast. Going by an article in the local newspaper, Hart set up a camera on the shore of Gourd Lake that was set to respond to loud noises. She then pretended to be a college student taking photographs of meteor showers so as to throw off any "shutterbugs" that might try to steal her scoop.

The next time Wright encountered Hart was a year later in Kurain Village. She was a self-styled "paranormal photographer" and was in search of another big scoop. She was present outside Fey Manor's Channeling Chamber when Turner Grey was shot and dashed into the room with Wright to find what appeared to be a possessed Maya Fey covered in blood, with the dead body of Grey lying in his own blood. Hart quickly snapped a couple of photographs (despite protests from Wright) before being herded from the room by Morgan Fey.

Lotta Hart appeared at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel during the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix (in the events of "Farewell, My Turnabout") in order to get a tabloid scoop on the scandal between Adrian Andrews and Juan Corrida. She wrote a note saying that Matt Engarde had made Adrian Andrews get close to Juan Corrida keep an eye on him (as they were rivals). Wendy Oldbag, a security guard at the hotel, stole Hart's camera, and used it to take a picture of the Nickel Samurai (really Adrian Andrews) leaving the crime scene.

In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Hart was spotted by Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday during a Steel Samurai show at an embassy. Edgeworth vaguely remembered her but avoided interacting with her due to a feeling that talking to her would be very unpleasant for him. She later took a photo of the Yatagarasu apparently flying above the rose garden in the embassy.

In Gyakuten Kenji 2, three weeks after the Yatagarasu incident, Mikiko Hayami clued Hart in on a black market evidence auction going on at the Big Tower. Hart learned of a secret 51st floor above the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee meeting room, accessible only through a hatch and ladder on the viewing platform at the top of the tower. The two decided to work together on this scoop; Hart would infiltrate the 51st floor, while Hayami would use a wiretapping device to intercept wireless communications.

[Based on her Ace Attorney Wiki page.]

Uzai Takuya
Uzai Takuya宇在 拓也 
AliasesSal Manella, Sal Monello
MeasurementsHeight: 167cm
Hair, Black, Long, Ponytail
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Overweight, Pale, Ugly, Young-adult
Clothes, Baseball Cap, Fingerless Gloves, Glasses, Shirt, Towel
Personality, Food Lover, Otaku, Pervert, Strange
Role, Criminal Accomplice


Sal Manella is a director at Global Studios best known for directing the TV show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo and creating its sequel The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo.

Manella has a penchant for speaking in "L33T" and reciting internet memes. He has been seen referencing Yakov Smirnoff's "Russian reversal" jokes, as well as the "Over 9000!" meme. Once under pressure, however, he speaks normally. He sweats a lot and comes off as a little creepy due to his "nerdy" personality- especially to women, such as the unsuspecting Maya Fey. He begins drooling when he encounters attractive members of the opposite sex. He also has a great liking of food, salivating as much at the mention of food as at the sight of a pretty girl. Manella is submissive to Vasquez, with her treating him like dirt. He doesn't seem to mind, however.

<hidden by spoiler settings>
During a board meeting at Studio Two, Hammer, dressed as the Steel Samurai, attacked producer Dee Vasquez. However, Vasquez, in self-defense, pushed her attacker onto a spike-tipped fence which killed him. Manella helped to cover up the crime by cleaning up the crime scene. They then incinerated the bloodied Steel Samurai costume and dressed Hammer in the Evil Magistrate costume. The head of a giant caricature of the Global Studios mascot, Mr. Monkey, had broken off during a storm and blocked off the only path out of Studio Two, trapping Vasquez and Manella. However, once the path had been cleared, they moved Hammer's body via a studio van to Studio One and planted the Samurai Spear nearby to make it look like Powers had killed Hammer with the prop.

Despite being an accomplice to manslaughter and lying in court, it appears that no severe charges were brought against Manella as two months later The Pink Princess was a hit television show. Not only that, but two years later, Manella himself was seen at an airport happily eating some food and talking to himself about his next television show, including plans for a Steel Samurai film.

[Based on his Ace Attorney Wiki page.]