Otoshiya ~Shouwaru Onna-domo ni Iki Jigoku o Ajiwasero!~

堕し屋 ~性悪女共にイキ地獄を味わせろ!~

TitleOtoshiya ~Shouwaru Onna-domo ni Iki Jigoku o Ajiwasero!~
Original title堕し屋 ~性悪女共にイキ地獄を味わせろ!~
AliasesOtoshiya: The Degenerator
Publishers Softhouse-Seal


Softhouse Seal presents a Restraint Hentai ADV of misery and ecstasy

* The concept is a Man Who Breaks Women
In a society where women rule, the protagonist is a sexual "hitman".
Known as the Otoshiya (The Degenerator)... he fulfills the requests of men...
for the sake of his gender and revenge on society.

* The world is a modern Totalitarian Feminarchy
Women have risen to absolute power, and a new era of laws are passed.
First and foremost... anything a woman says must be obeyed.
Next... if a woman does it to a man, it's legal.
Women with contempt exploit the laws for personal entertainment.
Abuse is rampant, oppression defines the lives of all men.
Cowed and pathetic, no one dares to defy the system, except one...
the Otoshiya... taking a stand... taking revenge!

* The mission is Two Corrupt Sluts
A police officer and a serial molester. Two women
protected by the laws of a corrupt society, the yin and yang of
sexploitation. Time for the sluts to pay...

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