Shukubo no Uzuki 2 ~Ureta Hitozuma kara Tadayou "Onna" no Iroka~

淑母の疼き2 ~熟れた人妻から漂う“女”の色香~

TitleShukubo no Uzuki 2 ~Ureta Hitozuma kara Tadayou "Onna" no Iroka~
Original title淑母の疼き2 ~熟れた人妻から漂う“女”の色香~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers AiCherry & TinkerBell
Shukubo no Uzuki ~Hitozuma Miboujin n...


Komiya Satoshi is a counseling teacher on his 2nd year in a private middle school, he's busy every day as he doesn't only help the students with their problems, but also their parents.

The serious principal centered on achievements, Saijou Narumi.
His former senior and now health teacher, Yamashina Kaori.
The nagging parent of education, Katsuragi Rumiko.
The mother worried about her truant son, Arimura Minori.

He works hard every day to meet the strict demands and norms of these 4 women, and on the meantime these women take out their troubles and frustations.

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