Lost Aya Sophia


Lost Aya Sophia
TitleLost Aya Sophia
Original titleロスト・アヤ・ソフィア
DeveloperIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
Publishers Idea Factory Co., Ltd.


Yuuji learns his soul has been possessed by the devil and investigates why.

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2004-05-2712+  Lost Aya SophiaNon-freeCommercial1 DVD  


Character summary

Protagonist Oguma Yuuji
Main character Fujisaki Maho
Voiced by Takahashi Amika
Main character Kajiwara Yoshino
Main character Marietta Cardinale
Main character Nina Cardinale
Voiced by Nabatame Hitomi
Main character Sonia Rossi
Voiced by Mizuki Nana
Side character Miura Shinnosuke

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