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Papikon ~Futago no Musume wa Doukyuusei?!~

ぱ・ぴ・こ・ん ~双子の娘はどうきゅうせい!?~

TitlePapikon ~Futago no Musume wa Doukyuusei?!~
Original titleぱ・ぴ・こ・ん ~双子の娘はどうきゅうせい!?~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


Due to a mistake in documentation procedures, Kouhei suddenly became the parent of his twin classmates, Uta and Mai. They start living together, and a lot of strange happenings begin!

The older sister, who is more than happy to call him "papa" but doesn't want to be called his daughter, and the younger sister who's irritable towards him...

Their whole lives are turned upside-down, and there's never a dull moment as troubles keep piling up!

Not to mention Kouhei's childhood friend/senpai starts getting more aggressive towards him, and a girl trying to pursue the twins starts setting her aim towards him as well...

Will Kouhei be able to get along nicely with his daughters? Or will he succumb to his youthful urges and do something immoral with them? Not to mention his relationship with the other girls...

[translated from official site]

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