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v17337.112018-08-22 at 18:17tahu157TenkiameFixes minor spelling and tense issues in the description.
v17337.102016-04-29 at 10:50weilaiTenkiame..
v17337.92016-01-28 at 19:08weilaiTenkiame..
v17337.82015-09-06 at 04:29weilaiTenkiame.
v17337.72015-08-29 at 17:32grenjuTenkiameLength.
v17337.62015-08-13 at 10:07bas3Tenkiameadded seiyuu source: official site
v17337.52015-08-05 at 01:50venomg3Tenkiameadd screens from trial PS. Fox Ears + Emote = Happiness
v17337.42015-08-02 at 03:10weilaiTenkiame.
v17337.32015-08-01 at 10:50ds1150Tenkiamecover, some staff
v17337.22015-08-01 at 06:32maraskanuserTenkiameAdded description from Micchi's blog
v17337.12015-04-17 at 05:51ds1150Tenkiamenew