Ryuuteki Gosennen ~Dragons of China~

龍的五千年 ~Dragons of China~

Ryuuteki Gosennen ~Dragons of China~
TitleRyuuteki Gosennen ~Dragons of China~
Original title龍的五千年 ~Dragons of China~
DeveloperImagineer Co., Ltd.
Publishers Imagineer Co., Ltd.


China, 2099 AD. During the construction of a new Olympics stadium, the ruin were found at the basement. The construction machinery damaged the sealed pot and a black dragon appeared from it with a thunder and flew away. He appeared in Tokyo and destroyed it to the ground and the next day the world was hit by multiple natural disasters bringing the humanity to the brink of extinction. At the global academic conference of ancient ruins it was decided to acquire the power of a good dragon in order to deal with the evil dragon. You are Ken, the participant of that conference and you hurry to find the good dragon of China.

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1997-05-23All ages  Ryuuteki Gosennen ~Dragons of China~Non-freeCommercial1 CD

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