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September the First

September the First
TitleSeptember the First
Shares characters
[unofficial] Adamas Zero
[unofficial] Athrun Soudatsu! Surechigau Tsubasa
[unofficial] Hachigatsu Youka wa Fu** TV no Hi?
Konna Koto mo Aru Kamo ne?
[unofficial] Time-Tested Present ~Beta ni Ikou!~
Same setting
[unofficial] Climax Luna ~Shimai Hen~
[unofficial] Hentai Gichou no Yabou
[unofficial] L&M
[unofficial] Mesu Dorei no Tane
[unofficial] Tanetsuke Kankin Ryoujoku Desu
[unofficial] Tanetsuke Shimai Choukyou Desu
Related anime[DB-ANN] Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED (TV Series, 2002)




2005-09-0618+  SEPTEMBER THE FIRSTFreewareDoujin640x480Internet downloadDownload link: Internet Archive


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