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Ai Shimai ~Docchi ni Suru no!!~


TitleAi Shimai ~Docchi ni Suru no!!~
Original title愛姉妹~どっちにするの!!~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Same series
Ai Shimai IV Kuyashikute Kimochi Yoka...
Ai Shimai Tsubomi... Kegashite Kudasai


Six months have passed since Takaya moved to this town... One day, he accidentally strikes a living creature. It is "Ring" and he says he is a messenger of the God who protects this area. And Takaya is forced to go through a trial to take over the God. The trial is to get a girlfriend during a certain period. He doesn't want to be the God, and he ignores it and goes to school...

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