Ouji to Dorei


Ouji to Dorei
TitleOuji to Dorei
Original title王子と奴隷
AliasesThe Prince and the Slave
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Piss
Shares characters
[unofficial] Clutch☆Fever
[unofficial] Itoshi Itoshi to
[unofficial] Kuroko no Festa
[unofficial] Restart!
[unofficial] Tokimeki Summer Time
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Kaijou High's Ryouta Kise and Tou Academy's Daiki Aomine were predestined to meet. However, cruel fate would also reduce Aomine to a slave......

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Kuroko's Basketball Aomine x Kise alternate universe fanfic.


2014-11-2118+  Ouji to Dorei - Trial EditionFreewareDoujinInternet download  
2014-12-2818+  Ouji to Dorei - Package EditionNon-freeDoujin1 CD  
2015-09-1118+  Ouji to Dorei - Download EditionNon-freeDoujinInternet download 3 

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  Ouji to Dorei - Trial Edition

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