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Rance 03 - Leazas Kanraku

ランス03 リーザス陥落

ランス03 リーザス陥落
Rance 03 - Leazas Kanraku
Rance 03 - The Fall of Leazas
AliasesRance 03 - Fall of Leazas
Play timeLong (46h from 23 votes)
DeveloperAlice Soft
PublishersAlice Soft
Hanimiao Hanhuazu
Alternative version
Rance III - Leazas Kanraku -
Rance 02 Kai - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tac...
Rance IV - Kyoudan no Isan -
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On a certain day in April, LP 2, the great eastern country of Leazas fell after being invaded by an elite force from the militaristic northern country of Helman led by Imperial Prince Patton. With Patton's forces are supreme beings of great power, who are unable to be wounded by any of Leazas's strongest warriors—fiends. The castle was occupied in a matter of moments and Leazas's ruling monarch, Princess Lia was taken captive.

Is this the end of Leazas?

As the mighty nation becomes a thing of the past in but a single night, one ninja flees the castle, taking with her one of the country's national treasures and a simple message from the princess. With the nation's last shred of hope, she heads to the Free City of Ice in the west. She heads to the brutal warrior, who has nothing in his head but thoughts of beautiful women.

[From MangaGamer]

The gameplay has been completely revamped featuring a unique dungeon system with cards with several playable characters unlockable over the course of the game and the story changed in some ways to better adapt to the current plot of the ongoing games.

While the plot has overall remained unchanged, several characters have been added and their backgrounds given more depth. It's also the first Rance game to include voice acting.

Male Protagonist 3.0 Protagonist with Sexual Experience 3.0 Rape 3.0 Combat Capable Friends 2.8 Fighting Protagonist 2.8 Comedy Rape 2.8 Map Movement 2.8 RPG 2.8 Unavoidable Rape 2.8 ADV 2.7 Rapist Protagonist 2.7 Single Ending 2.7 Witch Heroine 2.7 Unavoidable Heroine Rape 2.6 War 2.6 Fantasy 2.5 Fighting Hero 2.5 Slave Heroine 2.5 Demon Heroine 2.3 Kidnapping 2.3 Perverted Heroine 2.3 Priestess Heroine 2.3 Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting 2.3 Sexual Content 2.3 Soldier Heroine 2.3 Kunoichi Heroine 2.2 Torture 2.2 Classic Tsundere Heroine 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 2.0 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 2.0 Has Window Transparency Setting 2.0 Heroine with Sexual Experience 2.0 Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli) 2.0 Kissing Scene 2.0 Maid Support Character 2.0 Metal Bondage 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Protagonist with a Face 2.0 Protagonist with a Sprite 2.0 Quickie Fix Position 2.0 Sex in Front of an Audience 2.0 Sitting Sex 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Strangulation Sex 2.0 Threesome 2.0 Vaginal Fingering 2.0 Voiced Thoughts 2.0 Demons 1.8 Cowgirl 1.5 Piledriver 1.5 Sex on Toilet 1.5 Single Blowjob 1.5 Spoons 1.5 Twin Blowjob 1.5 Twin Handjob 1.5 Balls Sucking 1.0 Boobs on Glass 1.0 Bukkake 1.0 Butterfly 1.0 Consensual Sex With Monsters 1.0 Deepthroat 1.0 Defloration by Others 1.0 Dildos 1.0 Discreet Sex 1.0 Erotic Spanking 1.0 Gang Rape 1.0 Genius Heroine 1.0 Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males 1.0 Handcuffed Sex 1.0 Insemination by Non-Humanoids 1.0 Masturbation in front of an Audience 1.0 Monster Rape 1.0 Rape by Deception 1.0 Reverse Cowgirl 1.0 Runaway HeroineS 1.0 Sex in a Vehicle 1.0 Sex Involving Drugs 1.0 Sex Involving Food 1.0 Sexual Fantasizing 1.0 Sex With Monsters 1.0 Sex with Others 1.0 Sex with Sleepers 1.0 Suspension Bondage 1.0 Tribadism on Penis 1.0 Vaginal Gaping 1.0 Vaginal Object Insertion 1.0 Vibrators 1.0 Whipping 1.0 Wooden Horse 1.0


Japanese (4)
2015-08-0618+Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku - Trial Edition
2015-08-2818+Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku - Download Edition
2015-08-2818+Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku - Package Edition
2020-04-2418+Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku
Chinese (simplified) (1)
2015-10-3118+Lansi 03 (unofficial patch)
English (1)
TBA18+Rance 03 - The Fall of Leazas


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by YukadonBattle voices only
FerrisMain character
Voiced by Himekawa Airi
IthereMain character
Kentou KanamiMain character
Voiced by Manaka Umi
Leila GrecniMain character
Voiced by Saotome Aya
Lia Parapara LeazasMain character
Voiced by Moka Choko
Maria CustardMain character
Voiced by Tsuruya Haruto
Masou ShizukaMain character
Voiced by Tachibana Mao
Milli YorksMain character
Voiced by Nanagase Rin
NoceMain character
Voiced by Otsusan
Patton HelmanMain character
Voiced by Munakata Jin
Rick AddisonMain character
Voiced by Yajima Noboru
Sel CatchgolfMain character
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Sill PlainMain character
Voiced by Takahashi Saya
SiouxMain character
Voiced by Sakakibara Yui
Apostle GarnetSide character
Apostle SapphireSide character
Voiced by Sakuragi Chika
Apostle TopazSide character
Voiced by Kanematsu Yuka
Aten GnuSide character
Voiced by Kasumi Ryou
Barres ProvinceSide character
Voiced by Maki Masato
Bernard SeramiteSide character
CaesarSide character
Voiced by No☆boru
Cetina FavoSide character
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko
Colin CoccolinSide character
Voiced by Yukimura Toa
Fletcher ModellSide character
Voiced by Lee
Haini GoldSide character
Voiced by Fujimori Yukina
Hanny KingSide character
Henderson DauntlessSide character
Voiced by Kazami Ken
Horikawa NamiSide character
Voiced by Kuroi Neko
Hunty KalarSide character
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko
IsisSide character
Jericho ColonSide character
Voiced by Suzuya Maya
Julia LindumSide character
Voiced by Ayase Akari
Kana Seihajuu OosakaSide character
Voiced by Tezuka Ryouko
Kasumi K. KasumiSide character
Voiced by Ayase Akari
Keith GoldSide character
Voiced by Ameto Muchi
Koushuuin HazukiSide character
Voiced by Ogura Yui
Lark PikespeakSide character
Voiced by Sawa Manaka
Louis QuitowackSide character
Voiced by Yukadon
Maris AmaryllisSide character
Voiced by Kaga Hikaru
Mekill Depa L'ZileSide character
Voiced by Suzuya Maya
Millie LincleSide character
Voiced by Fujimori Yukina
Mill YorksSide character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Mi LordringSide character
Voiced by Yajima Noboru
Minerva MargaretSide character
Voiced by Kusamura Kei
Necai SysSide character
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Noah SailingSide character
Voiced by Kitaita Ria
Patty the SummerSide character
Voiced by Aoba Ringo
Pulptenks FlandersSide character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Ratchet LuncheonSide character
Voiced by No☆boru
Rola IndusSide character
Voiced by Momoi Homi
Rose CardSide character
Voiced by Aoba Ringo
Rovert LandstarSide character
Voiced by Hoshi Hitori
SatellaSide character
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Saya FridaySide character
Voiced by Akashi Yuki
Sepia LandstarrSide character
Voiced by Okugawa Kumiko
Tenmabachi AliceSide character
Thoma LiptonSide character
Voiced by Araki Yukio
Unga SayoriSide character
Voiced by Hirano Kyouko
Wayoso BenvilleSide character
Voiced by Enokizu Mao
Willis FujisakiSide character
Voiced by Hase Rairu
Wrench LuncheonSide character
Voiced by Akino Hana
WuuSide character

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Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku - Trial Edition

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Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku - Package Edition

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