Josou Gal Bitch Gakuen


TitleJosou Gal Bitch Gakuen
Original title女装ギャルビッチ学園
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperGal Prince
PublishersGal Prince
Josou Gal Bitch Gakuen ~Half Musume J...


Kousaka Yuusei had just transferred to a traditional all-boys school.

However due to the declining student population, the school enacted a policy that would allow non-male students to attend the historically all-boys school. However, as a side effect, quickly after that, there were practically no ordinary male students left.

Soon afterwards Yuusei gets introduced to two charming "girls", Asuka the sultry ganguro and Miyabi the refined (but secretly lascivious) young lady, he suddenly becomes overwhelmed by their alluring faces and bodies. Until they reveal to him that they are actually traps, Yuusei become shocked at the revelation, how could these two traps be more attractive than most girls?

Asuka and Miyabi become interested in Yuusei since he is an ordinary male which has become a rarity in this school where the vast majority of the student population is made up of trangirls, this is the start of Yuusei's story in this school filled with traps where he will develop a relationship with Asuka and/or Miyabi.

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Kousaka Yuusei高坂 雄星
HairBlack, Short
BodyPale, Teen
RoleTransfer Student


Just a regular boy who recently transferred to an all-boys school, he was depressed at the prospect that he couldn't enjoy the sex life of a student at an all boy's school, that is until the all-boys school lifted the boys-only restriction and started accepting transfer students, with the wave of transfer students came along two hot and horny girls, Miyabi and Asuka who did not waste any time to set their sights (and lust) on him.

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