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v17694.242019-03-26 at 21:55multiSunrider: Liberation DayReverse relation update caused by revision v25544.1
v17694.232017-03-17 at 10:03traumatizerSunrider: Liberation Dayuploaded some screens from the [Re]turn arc + most of the old ones were just CGs
v17694.222016-06-06 at 11:38beliarSunrider: Liberation Dayreinstating cast
v17694.212016-06-06 at 07:40beliarSunrider: Liberation Daystaff+1
v17694.202016-06-02 at 22:50beliarSunrider: Liberation Daystaff
v17694.192016-05-26 at 10:56ferustachiSunrider: Liberation DayWith the recent expansion onto the VN it bumps it over the 10 hour mark, making it closer to about 12 hours.
v17694.182016-03-06 at 21:37hunter2x2Sunrider: Liberation DayMore accurate approximation of its length.
v17694.172016-03-04 at 08:10beliarSunrider: Liberation Daylinked to the proper alias
v17694.162016-02-05 at 18:23beliarSunrider: Liberation Dayseiyuu
v17694.152016-02-05 at 18:20siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation Dayupdated
v17694.142016-02-05 at 18:00siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation Dayupdated
v17694.132016-02-05 at 12:56beliarSunrider: Liberation Dayva+1
v17694.122016-02-05 at 11:27siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation Dayadded VA
v17694.112015-12-31 at 12:57traumatizerSunrider: Liberation Dayforgot one line~
v17694.102015-12-31 at 12:57traumatizerSunrider: Liberation Daystaff
v17694.92015-12-26 at 16:58ferustachiSunrider: Liberation DayYet another and that is all the ones we do have.
v17694.82015-12-26 at 16:55ferustachiSunrider: Liberation DayAdded one more.
v17694.72015-12-26 at 16:53ferustachiSunrider: Liberation DayThey added some voice actors for everything. Now most of them I couldn't find in our database so I gave the ones we do have.
v17694.62015-07-29 at 17:51beliarSunrider: Liberation Daythey contracted Rita to sing the OP
v17694.52015-05-27 at 20:41siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation Dayuploaded screenshots
v17694.42015-05-27 at 20:16siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation DayUpdated new cover given by Samu-kun
v17694.32015-05-27 at 19:54venomg3Sunrider: Liberation Daycropped header from link best cover for now
v17694.22015-05-27 at 19:41beliarSunrider: Liberation Daywrong relation
v17694.12015-05-27 at 19:19siegfried88Sunrider: Liberation DayDirect sequel to Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius