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Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran


TitleTenka Touitsu Koi no Ran
Original title天下統一恋の乱
AliasesWorld Unification: Whirlwind of Love
DeveloperVoltage Inc.
PublishersVoltage Inc.
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In a time of war...
The strongest warriors appear to bring peace to the land...
and you meet the man of your destiny.

Romance blossoms as you spend your days among the samurai...
"I’ll make you the happiest woman in the land."

A love story that changes history begins now!

[Source: Voltage]

Cook Protagonist 3.0 Desperation 3.0 War 3.0 Protagonist's Boss as Hero 3.0 More Than Seven Endings 3.0 Based on Actual Events 3.0 Protagonist Selection 3.0 Food Discussions 3.0 Unique Routes 3.0 Leader Hero 3.0 More Than Seven Heroes 3.0 Hero(ine) Selection 3.0 Portrait Orientation 3.0 Inter-class Romance 3.0 Sengoku Period 3.0 Unlockable Protagonist 3.0 Relationship Problems 3.0 Protagonist's Rival as a Hero 3.0 Early Branching Plot 3.0 Shinobi Hero 3.0 Changeable Clothes 3.0 Hero Based on Real Person 3.0 Scenario Selection 3.0 Multiple Common Routes 2.5 Otome Game 2.5 Voice Replay 2.5 Unlockable Routes 2.5 No Sexual Content 2.5 Online 2.5 Samurai Hero 2.5 Lots of Character Sprites 2.5 Unlockable Hero(ine) 2.5 Nameable Protagonist 2.3 ADV 2.3 Gender Bending 2.0 Correct Choice Indicator 2.0 Dandere Hero 2.0 Mischievous Hero 2.0 Life and Death Drama 2.0 Enforced Playing Order 2.0 Dying HeroS 2.0 Multiple Endings 2.0 Multiple Protagonists 2.0 Completion Status Indicator 2.0 Bookworm Hero 2.0 Female Protagonist 2.0 Airhead Hero 2.0 Unlockable Epilogue 2.0 Unlockable Prologue 2.0 Lazy Hero 2.0 Shopkeeper Hero 2.0 On the Run 2.0 Microtransactions 2.0 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero 2.0 Hero with a Sword 2.0 Fighting Hero 2.0 Healer Protagonist 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Mind ControlS 2.0 Maid Support Character 2.0 Death of HeroS 2.0 ResurrectionS 2.0 Twin Brothers as Heroes 2.0 Tsundere Hero 2.0 Villainous Hero 2.0 Arranged Marriage 2.0 Only Good EndingsS 2.0 Cherry Blossom 2.0 Protagonist with a Face 2.0 Built-in Encyclopedia 2.0 Psychological Trauma 2.0 Sacrifice 2.0 Unlockable Side Stories 2.0 Child Support Character 2.0 Ending List 2.0 Hero with Eye Covering Hairstyle 2.0 Hero with Armor 2.0 Trap Heroine 2.0 Wealthy Hero 2.0 Dramatic Love Triangle 2.0 Combat Capable Friends 2.0 Unlockable Bonus Content 2.0 Sadist Hero 2.0 Thief Hero 2.0 Haraguro Hero 2.0 Personal Armed Combat 2.0 Female Friend 2.0 Cheerful Hero 2.0 Hero in Kimono 2.0 Character Profiles 2.0 Flirtatious Hero 2.0 Hero Based on a Fictional Person 2.0 Hotblooded Hero 2.0 Relationship Chart 1.5 Suicide PactS 1.5 All Adult Heroes 1.0 Bisexual Hero 1.0 Ear-CleaningS 1.0 Mother Support Character 1.0 Death of ProtagonistS 1.0 Hero with Eyepatch 1.0 Floating Textbox 1.0 Ninja Protagonist 1.0 Father Support Character 1.0 Children EndingS 1.0 Ponytail Hero 1.0 Hero with HeterochromiaS 1.0 Hero with Beauty Mark 1.0 Friendship 1.0 PregnancyS 1.0 Brother Support Character 1.0


Japanese (3)
2014-12-1512+Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran
2015-12-0812+Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
2017-03-2112+Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad ~Tsuki no Shou~ (patch)
English (4)
2015-06-0212+Sakura Amidst Chaos
2016-02-0912+Samurai Love Ballad PARTY
2018-04-1512+Samurai Love Ballad PARTY: Song of Shadow (patch)
2018-0617+Sakura Amidst Chaos


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Akechi MitsuhideMain character
              Date MasamuneMain character
              Voiced by Ishikawa Kaito
              Date ShigezaneMain character
              Voiced by Uchida YuumaExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Fujibayashi Gen'yaMain character
              Voiced by Shirai Yuusuke
              Fujibayashi SakuyaMain character
              Hattori HanzouMain character
              Voiced by Satou Takuya
              Ishida MitsunariMain character
              Voiced by Morita MasakazuExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Kakizaki KageieMain character
              Voiced by Eguchi Takuya
              Katakura KojuroMain character
              Kirigakure HotaruMain character
              Voiced by Hanae Natsuki
              Kirigakure SaizouMain character
              Voiced by Kondou Takashi
              Maeda ToshiieMain character
              Voiced by Ono YuukiExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Mitsuba SougoMain character
              Voiced by Fukuyama Jun
              Narukami KyouichirouMain character
              Oda NobunagaMain character
              Voiced by Ono Daisuke
              Sanada NobuyukiMain character
              Voiced by Toriumi KousukeExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Sanada YukimuraMain character
              Voiced by Masuda Toshiki
              Sarutobi SasukeMain character
              Takeda ShingenMain character
              Voiced by Kuroda TakayaExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Tokugawa IeyasuMain character
              Voiced by Kaji YuukiExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Toyotomi HideyoshiMain character
              Voiced by Taniyama KishouExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Uesugi KenshinMain character
              Voiced by Namikawa DaisukeExclusive to Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Love Ballad
              Fuuma KotarouSide character
              FuutarouSide character
              HakuSide character
              Kirigakure YukiSide character
              KiyohiroSide character
              KohakuSide character
              Mochizuki ShimaSide character
              OboroSide character
              RaitaSide character
              Sakai TadatsuguSide character
              Sakakibara YasumasaSide character
              TobimaruSide character
              ToraSide character
              ToramatsuSide character
              YahikoSide character
              Yamamoto KansukeSide character

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              Bayesian rating: ranked #2760 with a rating of 6.60


              Samurai Love Ballad PARTY

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