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Tou no Shita no Exercitus - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2015-08-1418+
Tou no Shita no Exercitus - Package Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2015-08-2818+
Tou no Shita no Exercitus - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2015-12-1818+
Tou no Shita no Exercitus - DVDPG  Non-free, commercial UnknownFully voiced2016-05-1218+
Ta Xia Bing Shi x Yi Zhi Ke Ti  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown2017-11-0218+Cost 69¥ (11$)

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Simplified Chinese
Tou no Shita no Exercitus  Freeware, commercial UnknownUnknown2018-10-3118+Simplified Chinese