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v1785.122019-08-06 at 20:02bas3Mutsuboshi Kirariadd more seiyuu
v1785.112019-08-06 at 19:47bas3Mutsuboshi Kirariadd seiyuu
v1785.102018-06-19 at 09:29nekonekogirlMutsuboshi Kiraristaff
v1785.92018-06-19 at 09:28nekonekogirlMutsuboshi Kiraristaff
v1785.82016-07-28 at 16:19wakaranaiMutsuboshi Kiraristaff alias
v1785.72016-04-28 at 11:29weilaiMutsuboshi Kirari..
v1785.62016-04-08 at 12:09shinnewMutsuboshi KirariCorrect entry.
v1785.52016-04-06 at 15:15jazz957Mutsuboshi Kiraristaff
v1785.42015-04-24 at 15:42traumatizerMutsuboshi Kiraristaff
v1785.32014-11-30 at 07:26mat13Mutsuboshi KirariAdding PS2 shots in their native resolution. Captured with an emulator. I removed some of PC shots because they seemed pixel-cutted and are improper
v1785.22011-01-28 at 00:36davidlu9837Mutsuboshi Kirariadding screenshots
v1785.12009-05-12 at 13:31eyelessMutsuboshi Kirariadded vn