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Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~

どきどきビーチ ~胸騒ぎの予感~

どきどきビーチ ~胸騒ぎの予感~
Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)


Main character attends private boys school. At summer he gets a part-time job of a guard on the beach. Summer experience awaits! And he already meets cute girl Rina Matsubara there and swears to capture her heart.

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Japanese (2)
2003-09-2618+Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~
2006-05-0118+Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~ Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Kagawa TetsuyaProtagonist
Kinoshita KumikoMain character
Voiced by Oohana Don
Matsubara RunaMain character
Voiced by Akizuki Mai
Mihori AkemiMain character
Voiced by Izumi Ayaka
Nakajima YumikoMain character
Voiced by Misaki Yuuka
Ura MihokoMain character
Matsubara TsukiyoSide character
Voiced by Takatori Rei

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