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Tokyo Ghoul: Jail

東京喰種 JAIL

TitleTokyo Ghoul: Jail
Original title東京喰種 JAIL
AliasesTokyo Ghoul: Masquerader, Tokyo Guuru, トーキョーグール ジェイル, TG
DeveloperBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
PublishersBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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The Jail incident - once, the ghoul Jail committed the crime of mass-killing investigators. But there were few eye witnesses, and no one knew his true appearance. The ghoul youth Rio, as one of the suspects of the Jail incident, was falsely charged with the crime and imprisoned in Cochlea.

Kaneki was abducted by Aogiri Tree. While being subjected to severe torture in their 11th Ward Base, Kaneki finally accepts that he is a ghoul, seeking strength.

At the same time, Anteiku, Aogiri Tree and CCG are fighting a three-way battle. Kaneki evades Aogiri together with his comrades from Anteiku, and at last CCG eradicate Aogiri's 11th ward base.

After the battle ends, Kaneki leaves Anteiku, and follows the trail of what caused him to turn into a ghoul together with Tsukiyama, Banjou and co.

Meanwhile, Cochlea is being attacked by ghouls who seem to be Aogiri's elite forces under the cover of the fight in the 11th ward. Villainous ghoul prisoners are released into the world again. Taking advantage of the commotion, Rio successfully breaks out of Cochlea. Even though he's worn out, he wanders around the town, and is given a warm welcome at Anteiku. In order to prove his innocence, Rio is searching for clues on Jail, who was the cause for his imprisonment.

Rio catches hold of some information on Jail, and decides to approach the ward that he assumes to be Jail's turf. There, he meets Kaneki, who is eating powerful ghouls and seeking to become stronger. Because they share the goal of chasing Jail, they decide to act together. Who on earth is Jail?

The fates of the ghouls Rio and Kaneki, who encountered tragedy, cross towards a new end.

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2015-10-0115+Tokyo Ghoul: Jail - Package Edition
2015-10-0115+Tokyo Ghoul: Jail - Download Edition


    Full character list

    Character summary

    Voiced by Ono Kenshou
    Amon KoutarouMain character
    Kaneki KenMain character
    Voiced by Hanae Natsuki
    Kirishima ToukaMain character
    Voiced by Amamiya Sora
    Arima KishouSide character
    Banjou KazuichiSide character
    Voiced by Itou Kentarou
    Fueguchi HinamiSide character
    Irimi KayaSide character
    Voiced by Ooura Fuyuka
    Kagami RyuuchiSide character
    Voiced by Yokota Kouichi
    Kijima ShikiSide character
    Voiced by Tobita Nobuo
    Kirishima AyatoSide character
    Voiced by Kaji Yuuki
    Koma EnjiSide character
    Voiced by Katsu Anri
    Mado AkiraSide character
    Voiced by Seto Asami
    NakiSide character
    Voiced by Shimono Hiro
    Nishio NishikiSide character
    Suzuya JuuzouSide character
    Voiced by Kugimiya Rie
    Tsukiyama ShuuSide character
    Voiced by Miyano Mamoru
    UtaSide character
    Yasuhisa KuronaSide character
    Voiced by Yuuki Aoi
    Yasuhisa NashiroSide character
    Voiced by Tomatsu Haruka
    Yomo RenjiSide character
    YoshimuraSide character
    Voiced by Sugou Takayuki

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    Tokyo Ghoul: Jail - Package Edition

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