Corrupted Blessing

Corrupted Blessing
TitleCorrupted Blessing
Publishers Possumato
Pristine Sin


Corrupted Blessing tells a tale of a young demon named Achmetha, who is going to the overworld for the first time in his life to seek for his missing big brother Amanaki. On Achme’s journey, he meets a young demon Lilian who hears a voice in her head, and a demon hunter human Vladimir.

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2015-07-03    Corrupted Blessing - Chapter 1FreewareDoujinInternet downloadNo longer available.  
2015-07-14    Corrupted Blessing - Chapter 2FreewareDoujinInternet downloadNo longer available.  
2015-07    Corrupted Blessing - Chapter 7 & 8FreewareDoujinInternet downloadNo longer available.
2015-08-04    Corrupted BlessingFreewareDoujinInternet download  

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