Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~

GEARS of DRAGOON 2 ~黎明のフラグメンツ~

Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~
TitleGears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~
Original titleGEARS of DRAGOON 2 ~黎明のフラグメンツ~
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
Publishers Ninetail
Same series
Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~


This dungeon exploration RPG is ninetail’s 10th anniversary title. The city-state Carnas flourishes thanks to its prominent magical culture. However, underneath it lies the ruins of a fallen machine civilization.

One time, a machine was excavated from the labyrinth and once it was restored, its power and convenience sparked great interest. This led to a delicate tension between the contrasting civilizations and the gears of fate began to turn.

Heeding his father’s last words to find the truth of history and obtain the great power hidden deep within the ruins, as well as following his innate inquisitiveness, the young ‘undergrounder’ Rosta sets out to challenge the labyrinth.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Main characters

Dougray Baltzar
Dougray Baltzarダグレイ・バルツァー 
Voiced byNakadaki Yurohika
Uro & Boro
Uro & Boroウロくん&ボロちゃん 
Body, Multiple Heads
Voiced byArigatou (Boro)
Momozono Kaoru (Uro)

Side character

Aeon Master
Aeon Masterアイオーンマスター 
Voiced byHoshi Kazuto