W Akuma no H na Omotenashi ~Anata no Milk Watashitachi ni Choudai~

W悪魔のHなおもてなし ~あなたのミルク私達にちょうだい~

TitleW Akuma no H na Omotenashi ~Anata no Milk Watashitachi ni Choudai~
Original titleW悪魔のHなおもてなし ~あなたのミルク私達にちょうだい~
AliasesW Devil H Hospitality ~Give us Your Miiiilk~
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers SABER FISH
Shares characters
[unofficial] High School DxD
[unofficial] High School DxDVN
W Akuma no H na Omotenashi R ~Motto A...
Related anime[DB-ANN] High School DxD (2012)


Demons can live almost forever, but they can almost never breed.
The player's sperm is unique. Once in many generations someone like you can impregnate their kind.
Two succubi want to harvest your sperm with exquisite pleasures that mortal man has never known.

"Your wish can be granted. If this is true, you want the full course of pornographic delights..."

Lust churned in me like a volcano. An abnormal desire that couldn't be contained.
... They appeared. Two beautiful self-proclaimed demons.

"Our species lives almost forever in exchange for almost never being born."
"We seek the rare man who is a catalyst for a child of our womb."
"Indeed. We yearn for that man's loins. His seed may cause the blossoming of a thousand years."
"For that chance, we want to bathe our wombs with his cum... your cum......"

Could it be a dream, or a trap? My head was dizzy.
But I didn't care anymore. The fantasy that could never happen until just now --- no, the the fantasy beyond anything I even knew I wanted was beckoning me.
I had to answer the call, however terrible what came next.

They were both intoxicating beauties but, my final choice was...

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