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Doki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki

ドキドキプリティリーグ 熱血乙女青春記

TitleDoki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki
Original titleドキドキプリティリーグ 熱血乙女青春記
DeveloperXing Entertainment
PublishersXing Entertainment
Same series
Doki Doki Pretty League
Doki Doki Pretty League - Lovely Star


In this game you play a coach for an all-girl baseball team. The game plays like a managerial game where you have to keep track of the schedule, add practice time for the girls and play games to advance in the series. But to keep the team happy you must also make sure they have a good social life as well as a well thought out training regime.

[from MobyGames]


1998-09-23Doki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki


Full character list

Character summary

Asagiri KasumiMain character
Voiced by Aoyama Miho
AsakoMain character
Voiced by Igarashi Rei
Douzaki MikiMain character
Voiced by Kurosaki Ayako
Hijiri MakotoMain character
Voiced by Sakaguchi Aya
Jennifer ClancyMain character
Voiced by Kawanami Youko
Jinryuu AkiraMain character
Voiced by Kouda Kaho
Jinryuu ShizukaMain character
Voiced by Masuda Yuki
Kanda SayuriMain character
Voiced by Kawakami Tomoko
Kusunoki SerikaMain character
Voiced by Inoue Miki
Minazuki AoiMain character
Voiced by Mizuno Manabi
Sendou ArisaMain character
Voiced by Miyamura Yuuko
Sumeragi KarenMain character
Voiced by Hasegawa Tomoko
Kasumi EnzouSide character
Voiced by Chafuurin

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