Haramase Saimin Kan JK to Zetsurin Kimo Oyaji

孕ませ催眠姦 JKと絶倫キモオヤジ

TitleHaramase Saimin Kan JK to Zetsurin Kimo Oyaji
Original title孕ませ催眠姦 JKと絶倫キモオヤジ
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers ZION


Oya is an old man who lives his peaceful life as a NEET. One day by chance, he discovers the hypnosis app that allows him to issue a command to anyone he takes picture of. Without a second thought he uses new gain power and starts working as a fake counselor in a neighborhood school. Now he gets to target his beloved idol, cocky student council president or anyone else he ever desires.

Main characters