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Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume-

比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~連理の夢~

TitleHiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume-
Original title比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~連理の夢~
Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e ~Kuon no ...
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Despite keeping the saga title, this game stars a different protagonist in another country.

Our dear boy, Soujo, would serve the youngest of the three princes, Keika, while admiring his brother Byuken who was special enough to be close friends with their lord. A year would peacefully pass, as Soujo would grow more and more attached to Keika, until suddenly the king summoned his three sons to make an announcement – Instead of the elder brother Syoyo succeeding the throne as had been planned, the brothers are to do a battle royal amongst themselves with the winner receiving inheritance to the throne as the prize!

Suffice to say, Keika being quite a pacifist isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea and chooses to stay out of it after making an agreement to ignore their father’s order with his brothers. However, unluckily for him his elder brothers are more than happy at the idea of breaking the promise and using this chance to get rid of Keika, thanks to the other being ”daddy’s” favorite…

[edited from Koorin's review]


Japanese (3)
2008-09-1218+Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume-
2008-09-1218+Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume- Download Edition
2008-09-1218+Hiyoku Emaki Bako


    Full character list

    Character summary

    Voiced by Yuuki Takuto
    ByuukenMain character
    Voiced by Oohara Takashi
    KeikaMain character
    Voiced by Noriyuki
    KyouMain character
    Voiced by Suzuki Takayuki
    MetsuMain character
    Voiced by Amagi Daichi
    RenpaMain character
    Voiced by Shinomiya Gou
    ShoukeiMain character
    Voiced by Abe Atsushi
    ShouyouMain character
    Voiced by Nose Ikuji

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