St. Luminous Jogakuin


St. Luminous Jogakuin
TitleSt. Luminous Jogakuin
Original title聖ルミナス女学院
DeveloperXing Entertainment
Publishers Xing Entertainment
Related anime[DB-ANN] Saint Luminous Jogakuin (1998)


A dating sim adaptation of the 1998 original anime by Genco.

When his grandfather dies, Kaihei inherits the post of chairman at an eccentric private girl's school which emphasises the personal freedom of its students. But he arrives to find that one of the students has gone missing. As he investigates Melina's disappearance more students vanish, strange events occur and his position is placed under increasing pressure from teachers and parents.

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2000-05-25All ages  St. Luminous JogakuinNon-freeCommercial1 CD  

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Main character Katou Mihoko

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