Koko wa Suki na Dake Sex Shite, Minna ni Yorokobareru Sekai!


TitleKoko wa Suki na Dake Sex Shite, Minna ni Yorokobareru Sekai!
Original titleここは好きなだけセックスして、みんなに喜ばれる世界!
AliasesA Happy World For Everyone, Having All The Sex We Want!
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
PublishersDieselmine & WORLD PG
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He was sick of the temp-dispatch life.This would be his last job, as a manager of some podunk rural school. He arrived ambivalently, to find it was all female. Behaving cautiously at first, he soon slipped. After school one day, a girl with a loose way about her asked,
"Hey, show me your penis?"
He was taken aback, but he took it out. She sucked him off and he paid her a little spending money. The next morning, the whole school was talking about his big c*ck! These girls were ravenous. Between hormones and greed there was no stopping them.

The chaste-but-easy girl with a f*ck-me body. The reverse r*pist gal with an abnormal libido. The one so cute she would make idols jealous, except she's a money-loving bitch. The virtuous honor student who can't endure seeing everyone being a hentai...Students of every kind, and then the hot foreign teacher too... Not a day went by his d*ck wasn't wet on some eager slut!

He had fun toying with the girls who were, he knew, simply curious or wanted the money, but gradually it was clear, his magnificently huge c*ck had turned the students into slaves. It was like a dream. A happy world for everyone, having all the sex they want!

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