Saku Saku Daigoutou Returns

サクサク大強盗 リターンズ

TitleSaku Saku Daigoutou Returns
Original titleサクサク大強盗 リターンズ
Publishers A-Inn & Exst


The playable character in this game is a blacksmith called Bargon. As he introduces himself in the beginning of the game, he explains that he enjoys killing people. And that's exactly what the player will have to do while controlling this character. Bargon enters a small village, where he is able to kill anyone, including little children. If the "attack" key is pressed when Bargon is near a young woman, he rapes her instead of killing. Most of the people he kills can't defend themselves and are completely powerless while he is slaughtering them.

[From MobyGames]


1994-11-0618+  Saku Saku Daigoutou ReturnsNon-freeCommercial2 Floppies
199418+  Saku Saku Daigoutou ReturnsNon-freeDoujin2 Floppies
1996-02-0918+  MG BoxNon-freeCommercial10 Floppies


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