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AliasesFive Oh One, ファイブ・オー・ワン
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This is a violence adventure game made by the tag-team of "Frontwing" and "Soft House Dew."
"501" is the name of a popular darts game. In this title, the name refers to the murder game, which looks a lot like the "501" darts game. Three guys and one woman make a team, and to win, they have to capture a woman from another team. It sounds like a simple game, but what you will find is unbelievable! They can kill to catch a woman, and they can rape a woman they capture. Our hero happens to take part in the game. Is he going to choose to kill his enemy? Will he rape the girl after the victory? This game will shake a player's sense of ethics.

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Main characters

Orihata Yukako織畑 由加子
MeasurementsHeight: 134cm
HairBrown, Long
ClothesDress, Hat