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v18337.182019-09-09 at 19:17traumatizerKyonyuu Fantasy 3alias, staff from EGS
v18337.172019-09-09 at 04:35multiKyonyuu Fantasy 3Reverse relation update caused by revision v26490.1
v18337.162017-07-21 at 05:48multiKyonyuu Fantasy 3Reverse relation update caused by revision v21528.2
v18337.152017-02-05 at 21:21insanityyKyonyuu Fantasy 3cover is nsfw
v18337.142016-06-26 at 05:26klutchKyonyuu Fantasy 3vcbv
v18337.132016-04-26 at 14:40skorpiondeathKyonyuu Fantasy 3cast
v18337.122015-12-20 at 14:34traumatizerKyonyuu Fantasy 3+2
v18337.112015-12-16 at 18:57mahoooKyonyuu Fantasy 3edit description
v18337.102015-12-16 at 18:05mahoooKyonyuu Fantasy 3Description edits
v18337.92015-12-16 at 18:04mahoooKyonyuu Fantasy 3edits to Description
v18337.82015-12-16 at 17:57mahoooKyonyuu Fantasy 3Added Description (Translated from official site) + Alias (KF3)
v18337.72015-11-20 at 20:48venomg3Kyonyuu Fantasy 3move screens to appropriate release
v18337.62015-11-20 at 14:50britanniaKyonyuu Fantasy 3Screenshots and such from the trial
v18337.52015-11-19 at 10:59eacilKyonyuu Fantasy 3pk cover (why nsfw?)
v18337.42015-11-10 at 23:44venomg3Kyonyuu Fantasy 3d2#5 "If one game 1 is listed to have a relation with game 2, and game 2 has a relation with game 3, then game 3 does not have to be added as a
v18337.32015-11-10 at 23:37zoltyKyonyuu Fantasy 3added relation
v18337.22015-11-10 at 23:06zoltyKyonyuu Fantasy 3temporary image for now (couldnt find cover yet)
v18337.12015-09-16 at 18:00ds1150Kyonyuu Fantasy 3new, setting relation similar to the other entries